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Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse Review


Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse: Conclusion

Here we are at the final thoughts and conclusion of the Azio EXO1-K mouse. Having the privilege to sling it around has been, for the most part, enjoyable. One thing that has got me about the last two reviews that I have posted is the manner of opinion that goes into it. Keyboards, mice, and peripherals in general are just tough to judge. I might hand this mouse over to the next guy and he may love it to pieces. I could then hand it to the next girl and she may loath it. The best we can do is to use it until we're sick of it or in love with it. That's how the end user finds out, therefore we do the same. So here is my take on the good points and the bad.

Opening the box, as with other Azio products, has led me to this. To start with, Azio cares. Look at the packing and shipment of its products. This mouse came in a fitted case inside of an extra thick cardboard box. Just for the record, it looks as though you could toss it out of a multi-story building and all would be well. The thank you card that comes with it just puts icing on the multi-story cake that actually makes me feel better about the product before using it.

Now that the mouse is out of its cage and plugged in, it sits on the desk lit by its illuminated rolling wheel, logo, and DPI select. Putting a hand on this mouse gives me a tactile feel that no other mouse has given me before. Adding more about the semi-metallic surface, the mouse almost gives you an abrasive feel that you just do not get with molded plastic. While your hand is there you may notice, if you have big man hands, your finger tips will dangle a bit as the mouse is on the small side

On to playing with the mouse. Seeing as no macros or special DPI menu is included, this mouse plugs in and does exactly what it is designed to. Of course, the first thing I noticed was the movement was a bit sticky. Not so much while coasting, but starting required some extra effort. Inspecting the feet of the mouse I must comment that they are not the best choice for feet. Being square with an almost sharp edge makes them want to adhere to their location when on a cushioned mouse pad. Substituting a hard textured mouse pad eliminated most of this condition. While on the mouse pad, it is noticeable that the mouse seems heavy. I will happily chalk that up to the cost of aesthetics. To put into perspective, lets take a luxury car versus a gutted Miata. The luxury car is going to weigh more, period. Taking into account the movement, I actually found myself overshooting inputs when playing an FPS game. This took a bit of getting used to, but the issue went away as my hand eventually adapted to this condition.

Focusing on the keys and scroll wheel, I found all the keys are well located. Easy to press with instant gratification. I did find that the scroll wheel click action was a bit harder then I am used to. Not really a con, but a little annoying when attempting to actuate. The DPI adjust can either be your edge of versatility or it can be a thorn in your side. With the DPI adjust the way it is, I found myself between adjustment. This condition really revolves around personal preferance, so it will change from user to user. I went into detail on this earlier, but the long story short is that it takes some tuning. Overall, for its price to performance, you get a lot.

Finally, we need to conclude it all. I needed something to justify the mouse itself. Where it stands in the market, what kind of user, and, at the end of the day, whose desk does this belong on? Taking into account the price of this mouse, it is not bad at all. In fact, for the price, this mouse is very good. For the price of $29.99 you can snatch up what I see as an entry level gaming mouse. Not that it's the only purpose it can serve.

This mouse, above all, you get what you pay for. It's not a $100 mouse that does everything but order pizza for you. It is not a cheap garbage mouse that only works half the time, either. What you get is a reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and simple gaming mouse. That being mentioned, this gives the mouse every bit of credit that some of the more expensive mice deserve as well. However, with no software to back this baby up, there is just little you can do with it past casual gaming and a high end system surfer. That is all for the EXO1-K for this go round. I hope you enjoyed this review. If you are in the market for a good, pound for pound mouse that is simple and easy on the eyes, go grab an EXO1-K and game on.



  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Plug-and-Play device
  • Well lit
  • Ergonomic
  • DPI adjust on-the-fly
  • Secure packaging of the box



  • Requires hard surface mouse pad to perform well
  • Sticky initial movements
  • Heavy
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