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Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse Review


Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse: Setup

Now we get to fling the little mouse around the desk. The problem with an input device review is there is no synthetic benchmark or tracking software, that i know of, to let you know how accurate it is. That chestnut being opened, the best way to test it out is to put it to work. I'm going to do what I would normally do on the daily. Start with opening and browsing the Web. Later I'll scroll around on the forums, work on the reviews, and play some games. It gets busy and I need this mouse to behave for me. It's really important to have a mouse that the scroll rate is set up properly. The DPI adjust should do me well for this adventure and the lights are gonna help me find it when it manages to find its way on the floor.


Testing Setup: Intel Socket 2011

  • Processors: Intel Core I7 3930K
  • CPU Cooling: Custom water cooling XSPC and Swiftech
  • Motherboard: Intel DX79SI 
  • Memory: Mushkin Enhanced Blackline DDR3-1600 (PC3-12800)
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 480
  • Power Supply: EVGA 1000 watt
  • Hard Drive: Mushkin Chronos 480GB
  • Optical Drive: Lite-On DVD-RW
  • Case: Thermaltake Core X9
  • OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse: Results

Now to get down to using the mouse. For this segment we do not have a synthetic benchmark to aid us in telling it apart from anything else. So we are going to start out with some general computer use such as Internet surfing, work, and cap it off with some gaming. I know this DPI adjust is going to come in handy soon; I just have to find the balance. In addition to this, I'm going to be using two mouse pads for testing purposes. The first one in question is the Coolermaster Storm Tactics. This mouse pad is well padded and has a medium grip cloth surface. The alternative mouse pad I will use is a Razor Vespula with fast and slow (sniping) sides. This will tell us what this mouse performs best on as per my personal preferance.

Surfing and Working

So here we are off to do some Web surfing, YouTube, and/or whatever else. First thing I notice is that the back button is very easy to depress. This is a good thing and a bad thing as it caused me to undo much of this review. I put it back for you guys, but that was a pain. So if you have heavy hands like I do, get ready.

Now that the playful banter is over, testing this out I noticed two things about this mouse that I like and two things that I do not like. The mouse is too small for me. From what I am used to, the end of my palm usually sits on the desk and my hand tends to have little to no overhang over the top of the mouse. Palming this mouse was quite different, as I had to shrink my hand a little to make sure the tips of my finger we contacting the keys. For the second, I found the mouse was actually hard to move initially. When moving this mouse, it's not that it's difficult to move around. It is merely sticky is the best way to it. Starting off, the mouse has a bit of bite to it, but once you are moving it's smooth on a soft padded mouse or a hard surface. This condition is much improved while using a hard pad, but still exists. While not much of a con, it tends to be a pain when you are attempting to be precise. To sum up the use of the two pads, I tend to prefer the fast side of the Razor Vespula. It just felt better when attempting to negotiate the cursor and remain accurate.

Other than the movement, I can say that having a well lit mouse matters to me much more then it did before. I tend to work in the dark and this mouse does announce its presence with the lights out. With the three lights in plain view and all of them on top, this mouse screams its location. I made a joke earlier about that, but it's true that the mouse found its way to the floor. It was too easy to find with the lights. Aside from being small, Azio has also made this mouse very ergonomic. My hand never got tired using it despite the size and it felt good to use. For day to day use it definitely receives a thumbs up. Let's read on and see if it hangs onto that for the gaming portion of the testing.


Well we started off pretty well inside the OS. Now we're going to take it to the game and start pounding it. Gaming with this mouse for me has been pretty good. To start with, I like the DPI adjust. I cycle between games as the night goes on and they all read the mouse a little different. Having the DPI adjust was invaluable, yet I found myself stuck between two settings. For example, when I was in MechWarrior Online I would prefer a setting that was slower yet not the slowest. It took a bit of adjustment to get the proper movement that I was used to. However, when I got it dialed in it was there.

So far as the accuracy of the mouse itself I cannot fault it. Never in-game did I get an oscillation, misclick, or a movement out of turn. The only fault I can give to the mouse is the issue of it being sticky on the pad. While having to give it that extra push to make it move, I developed a tendency to overshoot my targets. However, when switching to WOW or Fallout, it was a much higher setting that gave me the best results so turning around and facing my foes was no problem. Target overshoot was still there, but being nowhere near as critical, this issue was minimized.

Examining the mouse further I believe it has to do with the design of the feet. Unlike other mice that I have closely examined, the Azio EXO1 has flat feet that have no taper to them. If they do have a taper, it's not visible to the naked eye. However, this causes the mouse to resist movement to a degree when first attempting to move it.  Using the Razor Vespula helped to curb the stickiness that ailed me when using the soft pad aforementioned. But enough with the testing. Let's move forward.

Overall the experience with the mouse was not bad at all. I know I am extremely critical of this mouse, but we cannot discount it for its high points. Being half the cost of the current mouse I fancy, I almost feel spoiled by it. I have a feeling that I have now fully developed how I feel about this mouse. It's kind of like a picture coming together. See more as we move into the conclusion.

  1. Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse: Closer Look
  3. Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse: Specifications & Features
  4. Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse: Setup & Results
  5. Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse: Conclusion
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