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Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse Review


Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse Closer Look:

Now that the mouse is fully extracted from its case, we can have a feel. First off, the second I pulled it out of the box I found the surface of the mouse is rather different from others. While most mice on the market have a pure plastic feel, this one has a sort of metallic feel to it. It's not too abrasive, yet not too smooth. No problem palming the mouse here. Peering at the bottom of the mouse we can see the seriel number. The front of the mouse is followed by its respective cable. Nice to see it is braided and also a pleasure to have a larger grip on the USB. Some take it for granted, but with my big hands it makes it too easy to plug in. Included with it all is Azio's signature box filler, the thank you card. I never really touched on this much in the previous review, but Azio is concerned about its clients feelings about the products. Enough to put a response card in the box that welcomes your thoughts. This speaks volumes to me and I cannot think more highly of there team for putting it there, bravo.



Turning the lights off and plugging the mouse in is always the fun part. With this particular mouse we are granted a small light show. Normally with mice it's one or two different LED lights that act together. This mouse gives us not only the lit Azio logo, but has a lighted scroll wheel as well as the changing DPI select button. There can be three colors displayed for DPI select: blue, red, purple, and green. When the DPI adjust is lit, the mouse tends to reflect quite a lot given its metallic surface qualities. This makes sure that when I lose my grip and the mouse leaves the desk, I have no trouble finding it in the dead of night. Without too much more banter, here is the mouse giving life to my desk in near dark.



Now that show and tell is over, it is time to put this little mouse to the test. I can feel that the mouse is a little small in my hands, but that won't discourage me from getting some game time in.

  1. Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse: Closer Look
  3. Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse: Specifications & Features
  4. Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse: Setup & Results
  5. Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse: Conclusion
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