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Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse Review

Price: $29.99

Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse Introduction:

If you had a look at the Azio keyboard review from a little while back, we have another input device from the company. When you get home from a rough day and grab hold of the keyboard, there is one other thing you need to make the modern computer do what it does. That's where your mouse comes in and Azio has you covered. Over the last 15 years, the company has been pushing input devices like the MGK1 and several others. So let me introduce the MGK1's partner in crime, the Azio EXO1-K gaming mouse. Backlit, five buttons, and quick DPI adjust, it comes armed and ready to game.

Going through Azio's inventory, it seems to have a mouse for most everybody. Being more of a simple gaming mouse, this mouse sits more to the lower end of Azio's line up. From what I gather, it seems to sit right next to the GM2400. Compared to the GM2400 side by side, they are nearly identical, just with a broader DPI selection, better looks (in my opinion), and more lighting. I have to note above all that it is simple and good looking. Backlit with Azio's signature "Split A," it sits friendly on the desk. Aided by its metallic surface, the mouse looks the part of a great couple with the aforementioned MGK1 keyboard. While being a smaller looking mouse to its brethren, my large hands may want more real estate. This optical mouse will now take to the chopping block. But before we go through and test it out, let's take a look at what's in the box.

Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse Closer look:

Taking a gander at the box, we can see the mouse in full form. To start off with, Azio has a nice point of sale showing you just the mouse. Showing its compatibility, manufacturer logo, hinting at the vacuum plated metallic surface, and its namesake: the "EXO1 Gaming Mouse, Eleganty Fierce." The front of the box also has a small flap that then shows us the mouse encased in a fitted plastic cover for protection from unwanted contact. Looking at the flap, it gives an overview discussing the form, function, and features. Being able to look at the mouse first hand before you buy is a great way to sell the product. It also serves as a size comparison.



Now turning over the box we get the full download of its features, specifications, dimensions, and design in multiple languages. Taking it out of the package and seeing its fitted encasing shows the care Azio took in shipping us the mouse. Included along with it is a thank you card that Azio adds for support and technical assistance, if need be.



Well that is the packaging and shipment of the mouse in its box. Now it is time to get hands on with it. I have a serious urge to take it out, so let's have a look shall we?

  1. Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse: Closer Look
  3. Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse: Specifications & Features
  4. Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse: Setup & Results
  5. Azio EXO1-K Gaming Mouse: Conclusion
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