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AXLE GT 430 Classic Review



The AXLE GT 430 performed great. It didn't overclock past the ASUS variant, but it did run with a lower temperature while operating approximately as quiet as the CPU heat sink fans. The gaming potential is there somewhat, as long as graphics quality or frame rate isn't important — minimalism is key for gaming with this. High definition content handling is a great use for this card, as it is tailored to media workloads. This card also works great as a dedicated PhysX processor and can take the load off the CPU when decoding media content, while also completing the job faster! Low-profile versions are also available for fitting in smaller or cramped cases without hindering performance. Finding that the fan is built with a ball bearing is an added bonus, as this means the fan will last longer than it would have with a sleeve bearing. The extras with the card were minimal, but everything needed to get the card running were included. The GT 430 is definitely a great upgrade over on-board GPUs, especially Intel solutions, and proved to be capable of decent gaming as long as the details were set appropriately.

I really had to dig deep to find a con, as the card operated perfectly for its class — the only thing that was remotely close to a con that I could come up with was the rough cuts on the heat sink, which do not affect performance at all and are therefore unimportant. In addition, fan control/RPM monitoring would have been nice, but aren't needed, so I can't really hold that against the card either. There were no real cons, but it is good to highlight any possible negative aspects, as you may feel differently.

The overclock was marginal, but the temperatures were exceptional! 130 MHz was gained on the core, while 120 MHz was gained with the memory. With such low temperatures, a much higher overclock would likely be possible with volt-modding. With great temperatures and small stature, this card can fit in well for PhysX SLI, office/light gaming, HTPCs, and multimedia computing usage!



  • Quiet fan operation
  • Excellent Blu-ray/HD DVD playback
  • Highly affordable
  • Ball bearing fan
  • Compact
  • Low energy consumption
  • 3D Vison
  • Great as dedicated PhysX card



  • None
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