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AVATAR Mercury Ultrabook AVIU-145A2 Review


AVATAR Mercury Ultrabook AVIU-145A2 Closer Look:

The AVATAR Mercury UltraBook AVIU-145A2 sports a beautiful full aluminium body that is roughly 2mm thick. All the logos and connectivity ports symbols are actually engraved, which is a nice touch. The metallic look and feel may not appeal to everyone, but for those who have an artistic touch, I am pretty sure that some well done dremel work will transform this Ultrabook into a piece of art! The AVATAR Mercury UltraBook AVIU-145A2 has a very nice finish to it. All the edges are even, smooth, and well-machined. The multiple pieces of aluminium that form the body fit nicely together and no gaps are to be seen. 

The top of the unit shows the AVATAR logo, which seems engraved in the metal with a slight infill. Compared to the top, the bottom of the unit and its sides are full of action! The bottom consists of one full piece attached to the body by twelve screws. Here we find drilled holes for two speakers, four rubber feet for stability, and a Windows 8 key sticker. This section is very easy to remove if the access to the insides of the UltraBook is needed. Users should make sure not to overtighten the screws so the very fine threading does not strip.















On the right side of the unit are a USB 3.0 port, a Mini-HDMI port, and the proprietary port for the VGA/Ethernet adapter. Here we also find a very small reset hole, in case nothing else goes and we need to get close and personal! The left side connectivity consists of the power port, a USB 2.0 port, an audio jack (headphone/microphone combo), and an SD card reader. The front and the back of the unit look very sleek with no connectivity options and seamless transition between the different materials. Underneath the hinged area is located a fairly large ventilation grill to ensure heat dissipation and provide some passive airflow inside the unit. The hinge cover and the ventilation grill are the only plastic parts that can be seen from the outside.




Flipping the lid open uncovers a glossy, 14" LED screen that has a maximum resolution of 1366x768 in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Centered on top of the screen is a 1.0 MP camera. Between the outer edge of the bezel and the top piece is a rubber bumper that provides protection to the screen when the Ultrabook is in a folded position.




The keyboard area is well laid out and spacious with fairly large chiclet style keys. Just on top of the red power button are located the white LED indicators for power, wireless, and Caps Lock. Centered underneath the keyboard is a fairly large sized touchpad with the left and right click buttons situated on the bottom part. The touchpad on the AVATAR Mercury UltraBook AVIU-145A2 supports two-finger gesture control; a very useful feature considering the operating system installed by default is Windows 8! On the left side of the keyboard is a tiny hole for the built-in microphone.




The AVATAR Mercury UltraBook AVIU-145A2 is built around a third generation Intel Core i5 -3317U Ivy Bridge processor. This dual core, four threads chip is clocked at 1.70GHz with a Max Turbo Frequency of 2.60GHz. It also integrates the Intel HD 4000 Graphics providing some cool features, including the Intel Quick Sync Video technology. The 8GB DDR3 1333MHz memory installed occupies the one available slot on the Intel IC4I motherboard, so future upgrades are impossible since the maximum memory size supported is 8GB (which is already maxed out). Storage wise, the AVATAR Mercury UltraBook AVIU-145A2 comes with a Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500GB drive and a 32GB Phison mSATA SSD drive. All these goodies are tucked in neately in the pretty restricted space in the Ultrabook's body alongside the 6000mAh battery, an Intel Centrino Wireless-N 130 module, the two speakers, and the left side connectivity mini-board. All visible cables are routed properly and held in place with black electrical tape. Under the hood, the AVATAR Mercury UltraBook AVIU-145A2 demonstrates that a good deal of attention to detail was involved during the manufacturing and assembly processes.



The AVATAR Mercury UltraBook AVIU-145A2 does come packed with solid components delivered in an attractive and well built package. Will its brain live to its beauty? Keep reading...

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