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ATN-999 Black Mobile Rack Review

GF City Computers
Price: $40 USD


Whether for aesthestic reasons, or for extreme air-cooling, such individuals are always looking for methods to keep their systems cool without having to go through the tedious process of preparing and maintaining a watercooling system of some sort, and yet retain a very nice appearance on their cases. Most users would agree that the once-not-so-hot hard drive is now possibly among the top 3 hottest components in a system, competing with the graphics card and CPU. Don't forget that the hard drive is also mechanical, so even the friction of air is enough to generate alot of heat from the spinning of the platters. While 50° Celcius is considered to be "normal operating temperatures" for a typical 7200RPM hard drive, hardcore cooling enthusiasts will want to keep that number down. This is where a hard drive cooling rack comes into play.

The package!

The unit inside a plastic cover

The ATN-999 LCD Mobile Rack is your typical hard drive rack that comes with a fan and thermocouple, which are connected to a mini-LCD display that monitors the internal environment of the rack, where the hard drive sits.


40X40X20mm Ball Bearing fan
5000 RPM on the fan
13 CFM
26 DB
0.72 Watt Power consumption, 12VDC
Width: 5.25"
Depth: 10.1"

The HD Rack

A close up of the front panel

A fan is located underneath the unit

The back of the unit

With a depth of 10 inches, it is considerably longer than a CD-Rom drive, and if your case is not an "extended depth" one, the unit may be bit cramped, or depending on the motherboard size, may even prevent you from installing it.

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  3. Testing & Conclusion
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