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ASUS Z87-Plus Review


ASUS Z87-Plus Conclusion:

Honestly with this review I was most excited to just have a home for my newly purchased 4770K to sit. I was skeptical at first with the Z87-Plus being one of ASUS' lower end boards and didn't get my hopes up early. However, I was ultimately impressed by both the quality and performance from the board. It didn’t match up in testing to the higher priced boards BUT it competed quite well in the stock testing. Unfortunately it is a bit difficult to compare the OC results as this is the first board this particular chip has been tested in. The compared resulting data is thanks to ccokeman's 4770K, which was able to clock higher in those boards. At this point it can't be said if this board doesn't clock as well, as I'm unsure if another board will allow it to go faster (hopefully this will be known soon).

Despite this unfortunate unknown for the time being (look for my future reviews to see if it does indeed clock higher or not), I was quite impressed with the board. The available I/O ports, external and internal, covered more than most. Full audio support for six channels was not just impressive in quantity but also in quality. The audio results were phenomenal, murdering the scores of all the higher end boards it was compared to. It's good to know that the audio isn't just something on this board, rather something well planned for.

The layout for the board in general was just well thought out. The SATA port layout makes it easy to access your SATA connections without having to pull your GPU or other locking SATA cables to get to another. The included single plug from your messy case I/O cables makes it easy to see what exactly you are plugging in. Though this is becoming more common for mobo I/O headers, I appreciate seeing it at this price level as well. There's nothing more frustrating than getting a build together to realize you have your power switch backwards; now it's up to case manufactures to be sure things are properly wired on their end.

Ultimately I was rather satisfied with this board. Perhaps it does OC as well as the others, but we'll have to wait and see how my chip does in another board. Until then, and actually regardless of the possible lower OC, this board is perfect for any new build. Besides the hideous Trans Am color scheme this board will bring to your case, it's quite the nice board at just the right price. 



  • Relatively inexpensive but still overclocks well
  • Onboard audio better than most
  • Lots of expansion options
  • Nice SATA port layout
  • Trans Am color scheme



  • Slower than the competition (slightly)
  • Trans Am color scheme
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  12. ASUS Z87-Plus Conclusion
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