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ASUS X99 Deluxe Review


ASUS X99 Deluxe Closer Look:

AI Suite III alone contains some of the proprietary software package, but there is more to be seen outside of it. ASUS includes a full version of Norton's highly rated Internet Security software with a 60-day subscription. Daemon Tools disk virtualization software is also included to help save your game discs and make/burn disk images. But that's not all you get...







ASUS has its own skinned CPU-Z utility that sets up a point of difference from the standard version. The Boot Setting tool is used to enable FastBoot and utilize the DirectKey function from within the OS environment, rather than opening the chassis up or mounting an additional switch somewhere on the chassis. You will need this tool to get into the BIOS when FastBoot is enabled, since keyboard support is disabled during the FastBoot process.



Turbo LAN is ASUS' own traffic-shaping tool to improve ping time and reduce latency by managing the network traffic flow. You have four profiles that can be selected based on the type of traffic that will be hitting the network: VOIP; Games; Media Streaming; and File Sharing. These four radio buttons allow you to manage the application list, monitor the network traffic by application, monitor real-time usage and total usage results, run a bandwidth test that goes to an external link for a popular speed test, and look at the basic information on your network connection.




Wi-Fi Go and ASUS WebStorage are two applications that can take advantage of the wireless capabilities of the Z97-Deluxe for use as a base for streaming media content and managing it wirelessly through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or NFC by using your mobile device. ASUS WebStorage is an application that allows the end user to store data on ASUS cloud storage solution with access from your mobile device or smart phone by downloading the application for your device. The bottom line is making your content available whenever or wherever you have connectivity.




Much like the last Deluxe board I looked at from ASUS, you get a full load of software tools seamlessly integrated into the environment.

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