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ASUS X99-A Review


ASUS X99-A Testing:

LAN performance will be tested via a utility to gauge the performance of the onboard network solutions. The motherboard being tested will be connected via a Gigabit switch to another system with an integrated Gigabit network solution on board.

iPerf is a small lightweight utility run from the command prompt and can be used to measure both TCP and UDP performance on a network. iPerf is cross-platform software and open source. The test is configured to run for 20 seconds with a window size of 256 KB and four simultaneous streams that should be able to saturate the TCP link on a good NIC.














RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.25 is used to test the sound solution on board each motherboard. Nothing beats a good set of ears and headphones, but this is a graphic representation of the capabilities of the installed hardware. Sampling mode is 24-bit 44kHz.

ASUS X99 Deluxe
ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
Frequency Response dB
+0.39, -0.28
+0.44, +0.31
Noise Level dBA
Dynamic Range dBA
Total Harmonic distortion %
Intermodulation distortion +noise
Stereo Crosstalk,db
Intermodulation distortion + noise (Swept Freq) %
Frequency Response (Swept Sine), db
+0.0, -0.0
+0.1, -0.1





Using iPerf, you can see that the gigabit lan connections used on each of the three boards render consistent results up and over the 940+ Mbits/s range. CPU usage during the tests average between 3-5%, showing very little overhead in CPU cycles to manage the device. Sound testing, subjective by nature, is something not everyone will agree upon. Using ASUS Crystal Sound 2 audio solution based off a Realtek ALC 1150 codec you get sound quality that is rich and rewarding with the scenarios I have tested in. Some gaming in BF4, Watching The Hobbit on Blue-Ray and listening to an assortment of audio tracks from Rush to FFDP all were crystal clear. The advances in on-board sound solutions have almost eliminated the need for an add in card for the majority of users, although audiophiles will most likely want something a bit more upscale. For my listening scenarios and usage the Crystal Sound 2 solution works great. In the RMAA testing, the results were rated in the "very good" range.

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