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ASUS Triton 85 Review



Have you been looking for a new cooler for your processor? Do you have one of the newer 45nm technology processors that are the must have? Maybe you have a nice cooler for your processor but the temperatures that you are getting are a little higher than you want or getting close. Well, ASUS may just have a great solution to your problem, the newly released cooler called the ASUS Triton 85 CPU Cooler. This cooler utilizes the older and well proven designs of having a base with the fins hovering over with the heat pipes on the side of the Triton 85. The ASUS Triton 85 not only is designed around a well-proven design, it also boasts a large 120mm fan that is supposed to the most silent 120mm cooler on the market. I am interested to see what it looks like and how well it will perform, so let's get to it.  

Closer Look:  

The packaging that encases the ASUS Triton 85 boasts a very bright and distinctive front, there are all sorts of colors from lime green to black. At the top of the package there is the ASUS logo, with the "Rock Solid. Heart Touching" slogan directly underneath it. More toward the bottom right hand corner is the first glimpse of the Triton 85. The cooler is shown off at a nice angle that allows you to see all of the design aspects of the cooler. The bottom hosts the Triton 85 name with the pitch fork logo coming out of the "I." Under the Triton 85 logo, you are able to see a promise from ASUS saying that the Triton 85 has the "Quietest 120mm Fan Cooling at only 16dBA." The next side of the box has a nice picture of the ASUS Triton 85 installed on a motherboard with arrows showing you how the fan works and how the air is supposed to flow. Above that picture is where you are going to find listed some of the features of the Triton 85. The back of the package is where you are going to find all of the specifications for the Triton 85; the same picture from the front has been shrunken and placed in the upper right hand corner. When you look at the last side, you are going to be able to see some more features of the cooler.  




Enough looking at the box, I want to see what this cooler looks like. I am very anxious because of the ASUS name, the company usually has very high quality products. When you take the ASUS Triton 85 out of the box, you are able to see that ASUS packed it in a clear molded plastic to keep it safe from the shipping process. Inside of the package you will also find an installation guide for the Triton 85 that will help you install the mounting hardware.  


Speaking of the mounting hardware, for the ASUS Triton 85 it is located in the black cardboard box that was packed in the plastic molding holding the unit. When you open this package up, you are going to see the AMD and Intel mounting hardware. There is also a tube of ASUS's thermal compound in case you do not have any laying around, and four little screws that you need to use to mount the socket 775 hardware.  


Now that we know what the packaging for the ASUS Triton 85 looks like and exactly what is inside of it, let's take a detailed look at the cooler itself.

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  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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