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ASUS Triton 78 Review

Price: $69.99


In the world of overclocking, you can never stop thinking about upgrading your system, whether it's a major upgrade or just a cooling device upgrade that will allow you to clock your processor higher. Well, many people who are just getting into the overclocking scene - and some of the seasoned professionals - are always looking at the new coolers to see if there is something out there that is better than what they currently have. With the release of the ASUS Triton 78, you may once again find yourself wanting to get a new cooler to chill your overclocked processor. Maybe you just have a processor that is running at stock settings and speeds, but the stock cooler from Intel is yielding quite warm temperatures that you are not happy with. Whatever your situation and reason to upgrade, you may want to consider the new ASUS Triton 78 CPU Cooler.

Closer Look:  

The first thing that everyone is going to be looking at is the packaging for the ASUS Triton 78, which seems to have the standard Triton series theme; it is black on all four sides, with similar information on all sides arranged in a very similar fashion. The front of the packaging shows a nice vivid picture of the cooler all by itself atop a digital artwork background that is a greenish-yellow color. The front is also very simple, the only words on it are the ASUS logo with the slogan "Rock Solid * Heart Touching" underneath. The bottom of the package is where you are going to find the name of the cooler, Triton 78, and under that it says that it has a 120mm fan designed for extreme cooling. This makes you believe that this product is going to be the best at cooling your processor. When you flip the package to the back, you are going to see the specifications chart, showing you all of the commonly displayed information about the cooler - including the size and weight, as well as fan information. There is another side with a white and gray chart showing the main features of the cooler in a few different languages. The last side is where you are going to find a few more features displayed above a picture of the cooler installed on a motherboard, with arrows showing you the way the air will flow through the cooler. Well, let's get inside this box and see what the cooler looks like and what comes with it.  




When you open up the package, you are going to find that ASUS has placed the Triton 78 in a molded plastic protector to keep the heatsink from being damaged during the shipping process. Inside of the packaging, there is a nice little user manual that will help you install the mounting hardware, and help you install the heatsink in your system, if the help is needed. There is a black cardboard box that is included in the packaging; this where all of the Triton 78's accessories are located, which include the two mounting brackets for the LGA 775 mounting, the AMD style mounting hardware,  a tube of ASUS thermal paste, and four screws for mounting the Intel brackets. 


Now that we know exactly what the ASUS Triton 78 looks like and what comes with it, let's take a look to see how the heatsink is constructed.  

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