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ASUS ROG Orion Pro Gaming Headset Review



Testing the ROG ASUS Vulcan ANC headset required some serious music listening sessions, a movie or two, and some intense gaming sessions. Granted, there's no easy way to measure sound quality, but I will do my best to describe any flaws or drawbacks in the sound reproduction that these sound-quality oriented headphones can deliver.


Testing Setup:


Comparison Headsets:



When gaming, there are two critical points of sound for me. First is being able to hear that jerk sneaking up behind me and second, to hear and understand those I'm playing with. With that, the second comes with the additional need for those to hear what I have to say. If I think you're terrible, or perhaps you're awesome, I want you to hear it clearly. The Orion Pro were perfect for all of these needs. With FPS mode set on the USB controller, the nice flat sound made it easy to hear sneaky enemies and one-shot them. It also kept the usual overly loud explosions down so that I could hear what else was going on. Without the USB dongle, the sound was still great. The mic worked well in-game and I was able to communicate more than I'm used to – it may have pissed off a few unknown people…but it was great.



As I may have hinted at earlier, the idea of FPS mode on the USB control provides awesome flat-line sound akin to Windows volume compensation. It makes the quiet loud and the louds quiet. It's perfect for movies like the Matrix and sappy movies like the Notebook that have both highs and lows. It allows you to avoid turning up and down the volume all night long. Even without the USB dongle, the sound was still incredible. The bass is right there where it should be and can make explosions seem as if they were right there in the room with you. Honestly, movies like The Matrix won't punch you in the chest like a good home theater set up would, but you can still get a nice surround feel from both the headset on its own and more so with surround mode enabled on the sound card. This headset seems to be making quite a nice impression in the multi-purpose field so far.



Music was more than I expected with and without the USB dongle. Songs had a greater depth than most headphones can/do provide. I was able to hear things I'm only used to hearing with our very nice home theater setup. The deep, low bass wasn't quite there, but it was surprising how low the Orion Pro was able to play. It was a nice sweep range that fit just about any genre of music: classical, rap, pop, you name it – all but country (because who listens to that) was worthy on this headset.

  1. ASUS ROG Orion Pro: Introduction
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