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ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Extreme Review


ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Extreme Conclusion:

The elephant in the room is the price tag associated with "King of the Hill" type products, be it motherboards, processors, video cards, or storage systems. At the top end of the spectrum there will always be a limited number of users that choose to buy the best of the best. ASUS' top of the line ROG motherboards are in that "King of the Hill" arena. As such, they come with not only the basics in place and functioning, but the "Extreme" DNA that is pushed all the way down into the hardware level capabilities of the board. There is pretty much nothing left undone when it comes down to how the hardware works. It just does.

As far as performance is concerned, running your hardware at stock speeds is going to give you roughly the same results from board to board. You can see how well each board is tuned by looking at the stock results. It's when you take that next step that a board like the Maximus VIII Extreme starts to shine. The overclocking results bare that out. If manually tuning the system is not your style, you can use ASUS' 5-Way optimization tool to find your hardware's limits and get a safe, solid overclock. You can do the same from within the ASUS CrashFree UEFI BIOS with the EZ Overclocking utility. Or for the more adventurous, you can always manually tune the system. Manually tuning the system gave me the best performance after reaching 4.8GHz on the core and 3000Hhz on the memory with some basic tweaking. Thanks to ASUS' Excellent Extreme Engine Digi+ voltage controls that use Microfine Alloy chokes, Optimos high current mosfets, and 10K Black metallic capacitors, along with ASUS ProClock technology and Dual VRM controllers, overclocking is supported quite well at the hardware and software level. The Maximus VIII Extreme will deliver all the performance your hardware can muster.

While you have the OC Zone on the board, ASUS includes the no added cost OC Panel II to the bundle for that individual looking to use the M8E as the base for an "Extreme" overclocking build. Multi-GPU support for AMD includes 4-Way CrossFireX solutions, but only Quad GPU support for the green team. Still, a two-way configuration with either manufacturers top tier cards is going to get you some pretty ridiculous frame rates at 1440p and get you in the game at 4K.

Overclocking is just one of the many aspects of this board. ASUS builds its Republic of Gamers motherboards to be both high performance machines that deliver a targeted set of features to its core audience, the gamer. ASUS SupremeFX 2015 sound solution includes all the hardware to deliver a discrete level audio solution that is built into the PCB. It's a solution that continues to impress as it evolves. ASUS gives the end user a wealth of software tools that are integrated into one all-inclusive suite. Tools such as ROG Cache, RAMDisk, KeyBot, GameFirst III, Sonic Studio, and more are designed for the gamer to improve the overall experience. Tools such as AI Suite III with its TPU, EPU, 5-Way optimization tool, Fan Xpert III, USB 3.1 Boost, and ASUS Home Cloud and web storage all offer added benefits for the power user. The ASUS oftware suite is, in a word, great. It works and is easy to use. Add in the best in class CrashFree UEFI BIOS and it does not get much better.

The ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme is a board that does everything well. It has great looks that now skip the traditional heavy red and black theme that has been so overdone. ASUS has moved its ROG line to a more subdued, but equally effective argent and black design with red highlights that looks spot on. At $485, the Maximus VIII Extreme comes to the table loaded for whatever you can throw at it. The robust hardware design, added functionality, and accessories bring the price up, but for those looking for the best, look no further.



  • Extreme build
  • Wireless connectivity
  • ASUS ROG feature set
  • Overclocking
  • Overall performance
  • Looks
  • OC Panel II
  • USB performance
  • Software suite



  • Pricing


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