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Asus P8Z77-V DELUXE Review



OK let's start with the obvious here. Performance wise the delta's between all of the boards in this comparison are going to be pretty slim for the most part. Intel's socket 1155 Second and Third Generation Core series processors with their integrated memory controller and core overclocking consistency have made it so that just about any board will give you a decent overclock and deliver comparable performance when you pop the same parts into it. To look at this even closer to home ASUS builds its boards to deliver the same overclocking experience in its Z77-based product stack from the lower end all the way up to the ROG Maximus V Extreme. Where the differences occur is in the feature set each board is equipped with so that just about every price point from the bottom to the top is covered. Kind of a modular approach when you look at it.

When you look at how the P8Z77-V Deluxe is appointed it's clear to see that this board is at the upper end of the product stack as the Deluxe name suggests. Standard features include ASUS Dual Intelligent Processor 3 Smart Digi+ all digital voltage controls that manages current to the CPU, IGP, and DRAM with the ability to drop CPU wattage by 50%. USB BIOS Flashback that allows the user to flash the BIOS as long as there is power to the motherboard even if the CPU and DRAM are not installed. ASUS SSD Caching is far easier to setup than using Intel's utility without having to reload the OS, USB 3.0 Boost for improved transfer rates to an external drive, Mem OK, USB Charger+ and Network iControl to manage network traffic and a flawless UEFI BIOS.

Quad GPU support is available when running a pair of dual GPU cards such as the GTX 690 or the HD 7990 that takes advantage of the PCIe 3.0 bandwidth for the ultimate gaming rig. The big bucket for this board is the inclusion of WiFi GO!; a dual bandwidth wireless WiFi/Bluetooth solution that expands the usefulness of the PC. With this solution you can share your LAN connection with all of the wireless devices we use everyday such as tablets, notebooks, and smartphones, transfer files between devices and work as a wireless media center to stream to DLNA devices.

While not a point of difference between boards in its product stack, ASUS' UEFI BIOS is hard to beat for its functionality and stability. As the first to bring UEFI to the forefront, many of its features are imitated but not executed nearly as well. ASUS AI Suite II Utility is packed full of value added tools that improve the user experience as well as improve system performance. USB 3.0 Boost improves data throughput to an external device, TurboV Evo delivers outstanding system performance tuning. Fan Expert 2 offers unparallelled fan control and so much more.

Overclocking on this board is no different than on any other ASUS Z77 socket 1155 motherboard. And that's a good thing as you see the consistency from one board to the next. Of course ASUS ROG boards are going to have a deeper dive into the performance tuning sections but still you can tweak just as much on this board for the enthusiast not looking for an ROG feature set. At 4.7GHz, the P8Z77-V Deluxe delivers all my CPU can deliver with the cooling used. When I went too far out of line the P8Z77-V Deluxe was just a power cycle away from a clean shot into the BIOS. TurboV Evo delivers a solid Prime 95 stable 1.0GHz boost in clock speed by letting the tool do all the overclocking work. Sweet and simple!

At $269 the P8Z77-V Deluxe sits midway between the $124 P8Z77-M and the $449 P8Z77-V Premium. For the price you get a full feature set that is appealing to just about everyone. Its got a great layout with traditional ASUS good looks and overclocks with the best boards on the market. Any which way you look at it ASUS has another impressive piece of hardware.



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