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ASUS Maximus VIII Gene Review


ASUS Maximus VIII Gene Conclusion:

Cutting right to the chase, it's easy to see that ASUS is able to deliver an M-ATX motherboard that has all the overclocking chops the ATX form factor Maximus VIII Hero has, but in a smaller package. First, the performance delivered by the Maximus VIII Gene is going to fall in the same small envelope when running at stock speeds. That's a given in this day and age when motherboards are so well built and tuned from the factory. It's where you go from there that really makes a board such as this from ASUS' ROG product stack a worthwhile investment. If you do not plan to at least use ASUS AI Suite III or EZ Tune utility for some free CPU horsepower, you can still enjoy the rest of the features that make this board a great choice for a gaming centric build.

However, if you do choose to overclock, ASUS has you covered in so many ways. You get the easy one step process, you can answer a few simple questions using both AI Suite III and the 5-Way optimization tool in the operating system, as well as in the EZ Mode of the UEFI BIOS. All pretty simple. For the more adventurous, you can manually tune and tweak to your heart's content and hear the screams of your hardware, or even go back to the easy way and choose from several preset profiles in the Extreme Tweaker section of the BIOS. All in all it takes just a little time to get a good, solid overclock. Manually tuning gave me a bit more overall performance, but ASUS' tools were able to give me a higher CPU core clock. Either way I get a boost in performance. The ASUS ProClock technology works.

Overclocking to drive CPU and memory performance is only half the equation. ASUS brings a full list of features to the table that really add value to the board. The ASUS UEFI is really is top notch in all aspects. It is easy to work through and smooth in its operation with both a mouse and/or keyboard. All of the items are clearly labeled and even include descriptions of what the setting will change for you. Using the favorites menu is an easy way to save your most used options in one repository. The ASUS EZ Flash Utility just works when it is time to flash the BIOS.

If the usability of the CrashFree BIOS is not enough, then ASUS' AI Suite III utility is packed with tools that enhance the users experience. Things such as Fan Xpert III to manage all of the installed fans dynamically to USB 3.1 Boost that improves data transfer rates, to RAMCache and RAMDisk that build system performance by leveraging the additional DRAM capacity of your system to improve disk drive performance or data access. While those are just a few of the highlights, there is just so much more.

ASUS continues to build out its SupremeFX 2015 8-channel sound solutions using proven technology and using professional grade audio components to deliver excellent sound. It's a point of difference for the end user.

Priced at a modest $228, the ASUS Maximus VIII Gene is a motherboard that should be on your shopping list. It offers great performance out of the box with a tremendously effective software suite of tools. For an M-ATX motherboard, it does not get any better when you look at the performance it delivers when paired with Intel's latest Skylake processors.



  • Overclocking
  • ROG visuals
  • Build quality
  • ROG feature set
  • Software suite
  • Sound solution
  • Performance 
  • Pricing



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