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Asus EAH 4830 Review

Category: Video Cards
Price: $138.99
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It is that time of year once again; all of the top manufacturers are releasing their best games in time for the rush. You want to play them so bad but your good old standby 6600 agp graphics card is all you have left after your latest card died. You have spent all your money on gifts for family and have no where near enough for the new x2 series of cards. There are other choices out there that can give you a decent bang for your buck don't give up just yet.

The Asus EAH 4830 could be your best choice it is a very cost effective card. The 4830 has the same chip as a 4850 it is just under clocked this may be the answer to your prayers. You can easily buy this card and still have enough for one of the block buster games out this quarter.


Closer Look:

As with all of the Asus cards the first thing you will notice is the gamer chick on the front and asus is known for their bright color scheme and the Asus EAH 4830 is no exception. The box also lists all of the standard programs that Asus includes such as gamer osd, smart doctor, and drivers







Included in your packaging is a dvi to vga converter for users that still have analog ports. There is also a molex to 6 pin PCI-E converter for ones that don't have the newer modular power supplies. Also included is component cabling to hook this up to your hdtv which is a nice bonus. Of course last but not least you get your driver/software disk and both a hard copy and a cd copy of your user manual.

Let's keep going and see this card more closely.

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