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Asus 20x20 SATA Light Scribe DVD Burner Review

Price: $34.99


Time seems to be a very valuable thing these days. Whether you are in school or in the work force, there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to complete your work in one place. It seems for me, at least, that I am constantly backing up or transferring data every time I turn around. Flash media and jump drives just don't cut it sometimes.  If you want a hard copy back up of your data you need a write media like CD, DVD or DL-DVD, and not every burner does all of these media types.

This is where the Asus 20x20 SATA Lightscribe DVD Burner comes into play.  It has support for all three formats, and Asus wants it to be your be all end all for write media on the SATA platform. There are a number of drives on the market that do the same thing, so we will see together whether the Asus 20x20 SATA Lightscribe DVD Burner is up for the challenge. I know personally I need speed, but I also want quality when it comes to backing up my personal DVDs and family movies.  I don't want blips, pops, or garbled video ruining my family memories. Let's open up the package and see what we are looking at.


Closer Look:

The package is pretty standard, lots of information on the box about write speeds and what is included inside. One thing I noticed right away was the replaceable plastic face plate that comes in black or white. This is one of the best additions I have seen yet, it's an inexpensive solution to your constantly changing platform. I hated having to buy black writers in the past when I changed from a white case to a trendier black case. With the Asus 20x20 SATA Lightscribe DVD Burner I am covered, that is until they start making florescent pink the new standard color case.




Included with the drive comes the faceplate as mentioned above, but also included is a copy of Nero Essentials 8, which is a nice bonus. You also receive the needed hardware to install the drive in older non tool-less cases.



The drive is not IDE, it is the new SATA standard which really cleans up the look of your case. One thing I don't like that much is all the stuff on the front of the drive. I understand the need to state what the drives capabilities are, but once Blu-Ray Disc gets added to the front line up, optical drives are going to start looking like NASCAR race cars, there will be so much text on the drive you will be hard pressed to fit your companies logo on the front.



We have gotten a good look at the Asus 20x20 SATA Lightscribe DVD and all of its bells and whistles, now let's check out its specs and features.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Specifications & Features
  3. Testing: Setup
  4. Testing: Continued
  5. Conclusion
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