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Assassin's Creed 6-Years Later Review



As mentioned in the Introduction, your main character is Desmond Miles, but the character you primarily play as is Altaïr ibn-La'Ahad. In his lifetime, Altaïr discovered something that the modern-day Templars want, so they have kidnapped Desmond to force him to live his ancestor's memory using the Animus. Though Desmond was raised to be an Assassin, the counter to the Templars, Desmond left the community some time ago to find a more-normal life. Apparently that is something he is just not allowed to have.

At the core of the Assassin philosophy is the maxim "nothing is true; everything is permitted," and the Assassin's Creed: do not kill the innocent, hide in plain sight, and never compromise the brotherhood. At the beginning of the game we experience Altaïr violating each tenet of the creed, and attempt to defend his actions with the second half of the maxim. To put it simply, things do not go well for the skilled warrior, and because of his actions, the Assassin Leader, Al Mualim, strips him of his title and equipment. Due to his great skill and the hope he can one day understand the principles he violated, Altaïr is allowed to live and reclaim what he once had by assassinating the Templar leaders. 









With each assassination comes a cinematic of Altaïr speaking with the Templar. To put it simply, the revelation of the Templars' motivations help Altaïr learn what his own motivations are and should be. While both Templar and Assassin seek peace for all, the Templars wish to bring it about by controlling the people, to force them into a peace. The Assassins, however, seek to bring about an inner peace, through understanding and wisdom, which cannot be forced on anyone.


One aspect of the story that I personally enjoy is the parity between the story of Desmond and Altaïr. Without getting into spoilers, both lack an understanding of their Assassin teachings and even discarded them for what they felt was best. By the end though, both have gained at least some appreciation of what the Assassin Order's purpose is, and why the Templars must be stopped.

I am not sure what more I can say about the story without spoiling some of it for those of you who have not played the game yet. Perhaps the most I can say now is that it contains a number of twists you may not expect, but do a good job of demonstrating what sets Templars and Assassins apart by, at times, showing how similar they are.


Personally I enjoy the story quite a bit. It demonstrates a level of care and detail not always found in action video games. You come to understand the creed, its importance, and why the Assassins kill to protect it.

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