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ASRock A55 Pro3 Review



Testing the ASRock A55 Pro3 will include running it and comparison products through the OCC test suite of benchmarks that includse both synthetic benchmarks and real world applications to see how each of these products perform. The gaming tests will also include both synthetic benchmarks and actual game play to see if similarly prepared setups offer any performance advantages. Instead of leaving the gaming tests to a discrete video card, the gaming prowess of the IGP will get a small workout as well. The APU will receive a fully updated, fresh install of Windows 7 Professional 64-bit edition and I've used the latest drivers for each board and the latest AMD Catalyst drivers for the XFX HD 6970. To ensure as few variables as possible, all hardware will be tested at their stock speeds, timings, voltages, and latencies — unless otherwise stated.


Testing Setup: AMD Socket FM1


Comparison Boards:




Overclocked Settings:

  • Processor: AMD A8-3850 at 114MHz x 29

The first time I overclocked an AMD Llano chip was when I tested the Sapphire A75 Pure Platinum motherboard. It was a different experience, but I felt like this time around it would be better... it wasn't. The ASRock board seemed to not like BCLK increases at all. Anything higher than 115MHz would result in almost instant errors from OCCT. At 115MHz, I wasn't able to make it through the entire benchmarking suite, so I dropped the clock speeds down to 114MHz. This worked, but an overclock of 3.3GHz when another board was able to hit 3.6GHz fairly easily was a little discouraging. I tried dropping the multiplier, but with a lower multiplier I wasn't able to remain stable without further dropping the BCLK. I am using a different A8 3850 chip than I did with the Sapphire review, so that could be the problem. Either way, I was still rather disappointed in the overclock I got out of this setup.





  • Scientific & Data:
  1. Apophysis
  2. Bibble 5
  3. WinRAR
  4. Geekbench
  5. Office 2007
  6. POV-Ray 3.7
  7. PCMark Vantage Professional
  8. Sandra XII
  9. ScienceMark 2.02
  10. Cinebench 10
  11. Cinebench 11.5
  12. HD Tune 4.60
  • Video:
  1. Aliens vs. Predator
  2. Batman: Arkham Asylum
  3. 3DMark Vantage

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Motherboard)
  3. Closer Look (The BIOS)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing: Setup & Overclocking
  6. Testing: Apophysis, WinRar, GeekBench, Bibble 5
  7. Testing: Office 2007, POV-Ray
  8. Testing: SiSoft Sandra 2011
  9. Testing: ScienceMark, Cinebench, HD Tune
  10. Testing: Aliens vs. Predator
  11. Testing: Batman: Arkham Asylum
  12. Testing: 3DMark Vantage
  13. Conclusion
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