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Aspire Chameleon 550 Watt PSU Review

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Today we have another exciting review, and its on the most vital component within a computer. The Aspire Chameleon 550W PSU sounds as promising as it looks, and with today's high-demand power-sucking components, a strong PSU means a strong computer.

Aspire, though not the most mainstream name in PSUs, is one of the leading manufacturers of quality PSU units. As always, we're going to stress it, test it and rip it apart to see what makes this PSU tick, and what, if anything, will make this PSU come to its knees. Without further ado, onto the review.

First Look
All wrapped up in a flashy box, the Chameleon is packed safely inside, as well as a 120mm fan with its own fan controller. Always nice to get extras.

Ahhh, I love pre-sleeved PSUs. Just leaps and bounds better looking then unsleeved PSUs.

As you can see, the Chameleon comes with:

  • The Chameleon 550w PSU
  • Power cord
  • 4 thumb screws to attach the PSU to the case (nice touch)
  • Additional 120mm fan
  • Fan controller for the extra fan
  • Instruction manual

In terms of what you can connect to this power supply, its pretty extensive.

  • 1x 20pin ATX connector
  • 1x 4pin 12V
  • 2 lengths with 4x 4pin molex, 1x FDD
  • 1 length with 2x SATA

All of which are, of course, sleeved. The SATA connectors are a very nice touch as well.

With a closer look at the PSU itself, you'll notice 2 things right away.

1) A nice big 120mm fan doing all the work. Benefit of a big fan instead of multiple small fans is you'll normally get the same or more airflow, with a lot less noise.

2) The walls of the PSU itself are punched through with a grid pattern (for all 4 sidewalls), presumably lending great airflow to the PSU. More on this later.

Looking at the back of the PSU, we see the fan controller for the PSU fan itself, as well as the switch for changing the colour of the fan, and the basic I/O switch and plug (in matching green with the sleeving).

  1. Introduction & First Look
  2. Introduction & First Look
  3. Closer Look
  4. Installation
  5. Test ing & Conclusion
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