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Scythe Ashura Review



Scythe Ashura Conclusion:

The Ashura proves that you don't need dual towers for great performance. And it also shows that as impressive as liquid cooling can be, air cooling is still a viable option. The way the large heat pipes are alternately positioned up through the fin stack maximizes the exposure to the air flow and this is paramount to efficiently transporting the heat away from your CPU. The 140mm GlideStream fan quietly does the job of moving plenty of air through the fins.

Looking at the stock performance for daily use, the Ashura keeps the temps well under control, and with a mild overclock, the Ashura does a great job of keeping the heat well below the danger zone. There is no doubt that adding a second fan would likely knock a degree or two off the top end of the thermal performance, but the single fan is certainly adequate. Scythe does include a second set of fan clips to make it easier on you if you decide to add a second fan.

The Ashura is aesthetically pleasing and Scythe gives you a two-year warranty, great performance, and great build quality.  The Ashura comes with a single GlideStream 140mm PWM fan that can handle the heat of normal use and overclocking. The offset of the fin stack makes getting to your RAM a breeze and the offset also allows you to use RAM with tall heat spreaders.  If you are looking for a cooling solution that is a significant step above stock cooling, the Ashura has you covered - it is indeed a solid performer. The Ashura has a retail list price of $48.95 and I have seen it on Amazon for a few dollars less.




  • Great performance
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy installation
  • Offset heat sink for RAM clearance
  • AMD & Intel socket compatibility
  • Good cooling with a mild overclock



  • None


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