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Scythe Ashura Review


Scythe Ashura Closer Look:

The Ashura is a large, rectangular single tower-style cooler. The vertical fin stack is symetrical and has 50 fins and one top cover plate. The bare copper heat pipes really stand out against the aluminum fin stack. The stack dimensions are 145 x 65 x 161 mm / 5.71 x 2.56 x 6.34 inch tall and the entire stack is offset to aid in RAM clearance, which you can see in the side view to the right.







The notched top cover has a black finish with the Scythe logo printed in white in the center. The notches in the top cover do not carry through to the fin stack; rather there are corresponding V-shaped dimples in the fins. The top cover plate is secured at each corner with a flat head rivet.



The nickel plated base has some small extruded fins to help dissipate heat, and the face of the base is machined flat to a mirror finish.  The six copper heat pipes (Ø6mm) are packed close together in the base. Notice how they are staggered to pass up through the fin stack and allow the most exposure to the air flow. This should ensure that the Ashura turns in some decent cooling numbers. A lot of coolers come with heat pipes that are nickel plated, and while the nickel looks great, I do like the contrast of the bare copper. Don't forget to remove the protective cover sticker from the base before installation.


The GlideStream 140mm PWM fan has eleven thin blades to move the air through the fin stack and carry the heat away from your CPU. It is rated at 0.37 amps and can move up to 97.18 CFM. The power cable is covered with a braided black plastic sheath.


The fan easily clips to the fin stack and a second set of clips is included in case you want to add a second fan. The fan easily attaches to either side of the fin stack. It seems that 140mm fans are becoming more common. Generally, the larger fans can move a fair amount of air without the high RPMs, which translates to a quieter cooler.



Here we have the top standoffs installed at the four corners. They screw into the back plate and provide support for the two mounting plates. The hardware includes mounting plates for Intel and AMD. The mounting has been simplified according to Scythe, and I had no problems with the installation.



Here we have the cooler installed on the MSI GD-65 motherboard. The black top plate fits in with the red and black theme of the motherboard, and you can see that there is still plenty of room for a second fan.



The offset of the cooler base is more obvious in this view.  When you see how close the fan is to the first RAM slot, the importance of the offset becomes clear. Scythe made sure that the Ashura offers room for tall RAM.


The motherboard is then installed into the test case, and next the video card is secured in its slot. Now we are ready to power up the system and see how the Ashura handles the heat.


  1. Scythe Ashura: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Scythe Ashura: Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Scythe Ashura: Specifications & Features
  4. Scythe Ashura: Testing Setup & Results
  5. Scythe Ashura: Conclusion
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