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Ashes of the Singularity Review



Currently Ashes of the Singularity only has a story in its Ascendancy Wars campaign, where you play as a part of the PHC trying to stop the Splinter and eventually Substrate forces. It starts with you investigating and fighting the Post Humans who have splintered off from the PHC to regain control of planets and understand what this new threat is. As you progress you will encounter units unlike any the PHC has encountered before, such as a dreadnaught initially described as a "Brain Whale." These Substrate units differ somewhat significantly from PHC units, especially as they utilize shields for part of their health, while PHC units use armor.

As you play the campaign, there will be in-game messages and cut scenes explaining what is going on and some other points, such as Turinium. This material represents the pinnacle of computing power, which is very important as Post Humans rely on computers for advancement. The more Turinium you have, the more powerful you are. To make more requires capturing and holding Turinium Generators, which eventually reach the point that they will convert the entire planet into Turinium, destroying everything else. (That is unless you are playing a Skirmish and hit the Keep Playing button.) This mechanic is used in some of the campaign missions, as you are not meant to actually defeat your opponent, but survive long enough to trigger a Turinium cascade.

It is not a particularly impressive story, but it does its job well, at least for as much as I have played. I have not finished the campaign yet, instead moving over to do the less-restricted skirmishes. (The campaign is going to be expanded on and further developed, adding things such as difficulty options.)





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