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Batman: Arkham Origins Review


Batman: Arkham Origins

One of the coolest changes to the franchise is the new way Detective Vision is used to solve criminal cases. When there's a case to solve, you're prompted to switch to Detective Vision and scan for evidence. Scanning simply involves finding the evidence and holding down SPACE, but it's how Batman reconstructs the crime that's the cool part. After you gather enough initial evidence, Batman's computer reconstructs the crime digitally right before your eyes. Then, taking a cue from Remember Me, a game I reviewed earlier in the year, you're tasked with rewinding and fast-forwarding the reconstruction to find where additional evidence ends up, such as a briefcase flying out of the victim's hands.











While Remember Me's sequences actually involved a bit of puzzle solving, that's not the case with Origins. These cases are simplistic and involve little brain power to solve, but I still found this as a welcome addition to the series. Not only was it cool to see the crimes reconstructed, but it was also cool seeing Batman at work, gathering evidence with some obviously superior technology and communicating with Alfred back in the Bat Cave for additional information.



These case reconstructions could have easily just been done via cutscenes, but I'm glad WB Games opted for a little more interactivity. While the franchise has always done a great job at making you feel like Batman in combat – a complete badass – WB Games finally found a way to make you feel like the world class detective Batman's always been purported to be.


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