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Batman: Arkham Origins Review


Batman: Arkham Origins

Whether you like Origins totally depends on your feelings going into the game. I am very glad we at OCC do not give out number ratings because your stance on Origins will be highly dependent on what you want out of the experience. While that argument can certainly be made for any game, it's especially true here, as potential Origins players essentially fall into two camps: those that want more of the same from Arkham City and those that want an entirely new experience.

If you fall into the former camp, which I mostly do, you'll be extremely pleased. It's not completely fair to refer to the game as Arkham City 2.0, but that's mostly what it is. While there are a few new tricks up Batman's sleeves, the gameplay is largely the same and even half the environment is the same, albeit pre-destruction, covered in snow, and decorated with Christmas lights (I guess there are no Jews in Gotham, since I don't recall seeing any menorahs).

The thing is, I'm glad it feels like the previous game. The old adage applies here – if it's not broke, don't fix it. I very much prefer this situation here with Origins than when Bioware and EA changed up the near-perfect formula of Dragon Age: Origins in the sequel. While Dragon Age 2 is not necessarily a bad game, the first game was clearly superior. With Batman: Arkham Origins, we have a case where I can honestly declare this the best Batman Arkham game yet. It has everything Arkham City had with consistently better boss battles and a story that arguably rivals Arkham Asylum. But if you weren't hoping for more of the same, you may not see it that way. If you were hoping for the leap forward to be as grand as the one from Asylum to City, I don't blame you for being disappointed, I simply hold a different opinion.

Word of advice if you do play: watch the credits! Taking a cue from superhero movies, there's a bonus scene at the very end, not to mention some dialog during the credits.

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