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Batman: Arkham Origins Review


Batman: Arkham Origins

Around the time of Origins' release, NVIDIA launched ShadowPlay, an easy way to record gameplay through GeForce Experience without the CPU overhead typically associated with such a task. The reason NVIDIA was able to accomplish this low CPU overhead is because it leveraged one of the lesser talked about features of the Kepler core: a built-in H.264 encoder. As such, to use ShadowPlay you'll need a Kepler GPU-based video card from NVIDIA. Since I'm sporting a GTX 770, I figured what better way to test out ShadowPlay for the first time than recording some Origins gameplay? To ensure absolutely NO SPOILERS, I decided to record Challenge Maps, particularly the two bonus maps that were included with the game. The game was maxed, while ShadowPlay was set to High, recording 1080p at 60FPS.







My very first ShadowPlay recording was of my first attempt at the 100 to 1 Challenge Map as Batman. As the name implies, this is Batman vs. 100 enemies.


Here is my first attempt at the same 100 to 1 Challenge Map as Deathstroke. Unfortunately, ShadowPlay stops recording when the file size reaches 4GB on Windows 7, so the recording cut off before the end. I was so focused on the battle, I didn't notice the recording indicator had turned off, otherwise I would have restarted it. It figures, since I actually wound up beating it, which you can see in the screenshot below the video.



Here is a video of the No Money Down Predator Challenge Map as Batman, as I attempt to attain the three trophies.


My attempt at No Money Down as Deathstroke didn't go as well. As I said earlier in the review, he plays a lot different in the Predator Arenas and clearly I wasn't prepared.

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