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Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation - DX12 & Vulkan Short Analysis


Vega 64 – DX 12:

Now we are going to take a look at what AMD's latest gaming GPU offers here in DirectX 12. Like we saw with the GTX 1080, the average and CPU frame rates are matched at about 38.4 FPS in the first benchmark and 38.3 FPS in the second. It seems the GPU was somehow managing to just outpace the CPU in the first benchmark, based on the average frame rates, but also how the benchmark says the tests were never GPU bound.










Vega 64 – Vulkan:

Turning to Vulkan, we see one behavior shared with the GTX 1080, but not the others. The time spent in the driver has become much more consistent, but it has also increased. The CPU frame time has also not separated itself from the total frame time like it did previously. However, the reported frame rates under Vulkan are higher than under DX12. For the average frame rates, we have about 40 FPS for both benchmarks and for both the total frame rate and CPU frame rate. The frame rates for the different batch levels are also higher, and again in these results, we are seeing it being GPU bound very rarely.

This is interesting, because while the driver overhead looks to have increased, the performance has also increased under Vulkan, for both the average frame rate and CPU frame rate. Unlike with the GTX 1080, the average and CPU frame rates match with the Vega 64. Even though the benchmarks reported higher CPU frame rates under the GTX 1080, it was the Vega 64 that actually realized a performance boost under Vulkan.



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