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AntLion ModMic 4.0 Uni-directional with Mute Review



Although I'm sure I wasn't the only one to complain, it seems my complaints from the first version were heard. The length of the cable was a challenging, tangling, mess if you weren't careful. The addition of the accessory pack and the ability to connect the ModMic cable to my headphones cable is a much cleaner and less "permanent" solution than zip ties. So I'm happy to hear I was heard, even if was everyone else complaining too. It's always nice to see "response" in future releases.

The ModMic sounds significantly better than my lazy Logitech web cam mic and best of all, lets me use MY favorite headphones. No matter what companies claim about having studio quality headsets, they just never seem to measure up. Take my last review for example, the Kingston Cloud Revolver. They were listed as a top end model with supposed epic sound. They personally fell short and left me hanging just to have a darn mic. They were also up there in the spectrum of cost and honestly didn't feel worth it to me. But this conclusion isn't about them; it is however about the epic ModMic that lets me have whatever the hell I want! Heck yes! I pick my audio quality, shitty or good, and attach a little mic that sounds damn good and go with it. The ModMic is just as impressive as its first generation model and has grown up a little with some additional features and accessories, making it a priority over any conventional headset on the market.



  • Pick your headphones – your choice on audio quality.
  • Audio quality from the mic is great (for the poor people on the other end). It even picks up deeper voices.
  • Foam boom prevents picking up mouth breathers while still maintaining voice pickup.
  • Uni-directional picks up only what is local to it and closest to the "mic" portion of the mic. Loud music and annoying people in the room don't seem to add much background noise.
  • Non-permanent solution allows you to travel without a mic.


  • Lots of cable is good, but it's a lot. Keeping neat even with the cable management solution is still messy. Not an easy thing to solve – so it's really a minor con.
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