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AntLion ModMic 4.0 Uni-directional with Mute Review


AntLion ModMic 4.0 Testing:

Testing this ModMic, being the only one of its kind on the market, left if with little to compare it to. However, the important part of it being a mic was what was tested. I used it for my usual gaming to talk to friends while playing Borderlands and Left 4 Dead in the past week. I also tested it out while Skyping a good friend of mine in Atlanta. Since it's not really a headset, I had no need to tell you how good my headphones sound (and with as old as they are, you probably wouldn't find a pair anyway). If you're having some deja vu here, it's because I tested this playing the exact same games (and same buddy in Atlanta) as I did four years ago with the original ModMic.


Testing Setup:


AntLion ModMic 4.0 Results:

Since the focus here is the mic itself, there's no use in me discussing the usual quality in game, movies, or music (that would normally apply to a headset review). That quality is now up to you! So here I'll blurb a bit on the clarity of the mic itself, between Skyping with friends, gaming, and what have you.

The ModMic actually does a reasonable job of ignoring additional in-room noise. My office is set up to handle two of us, which can be conflicting for gaming time to time, as mic echo is the worst. However, the ModMic actually seems to pick out the sounds closest to it even when the room is otherwise quiet. Playing music or sending a random question is pretty difficult to hear on the other end unless my intention was for them to hear it. Keyboard noise, even with mechanicals, isn't heard unless leaning down into the keyboard. It's overall, just nice.

Some mics aren't terribly great at picking up true male voices, and often leaves some guys sounding rather feminine. While that may be preferred for getting free stuff, it's sometimes nice to be heard as you sound. I got the husband unit to talk a bit through it and wow… it actually sounds a bit like him. Impressive.

Overall, it's a mic. It does exactly what you'd expect and does it quite well. Nothing really negative to report about its quality of use. It seems far away from your face while in use – but actually just helps reduce excessive noise through the mic by not being too close to your mouth hole! Good sound on the other end, and my friends are literally quite happy to have this change on their end.

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