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AntLion ModMic 4.0 Uni-directional with Mute Review


AntLion ModMic 4.0: Additional Products

AntLion now has some additional products after growing up from a garage shop of ModMics. The company shared a few other products with us today that I figured I'd give you a quick peek at.

The XM-26 is a Microphone/Headphone adapter allowing those of you without a mic and headphone jack to utilize both over USB. It's your standard USB conversion setup and requries nothing more than an available USB jack.

Turns out AntLion has a bit of a sense of humor with the easter egg beneath the packaging. Besides that, it seems to be a pretty powerful adapter. It's got plenty of ability with the CMedia CM119 chipset. It's really loud and has more than enough power to use with about any headphones you can throw at it. No special drivers or software needed, just plug and go. You can of course adjust outputs within Windows or with additional software, but it is literally a great option to have in your back pocket.



It's a very simple device. It is a little wider than your standard USB stick and a little over half as long. Just enough room to plug in two audio jacks and USB without being overly large or frustratingly small.



Thinking of not having enough ports to deal with a dual mic/headphone split setup, AntLion has a solution for that too. Dual port setups such as on Macbooks, Xbox Ones, and other configurations where it is expected that you have a gaming headset with built in mic, often leaves you with no where to plug in the ModMic. Though I'll argue most "gaming laptops" and modern desktops have both, it's always nice to have an option when you don't. This simple device lets you convert to a y-splitter allowing you to plug in a set of headphones and separate mic. Shown below is a LG G5 phone (with dog hair) for size comparison.


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