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AntLion ModMic 4.0 Uni-directional with Mute Review

Price: $49.95

AntLion ModMic 4.0 Introduction:

It's been just over four years since I had the pleasure of sharing with you the AntLion ModMic. I recall thinking it was an odd product and wasn't exactly sure what to expect from the little cardboard tube that arrived at my doorstep. Today I get to share with you the AntLion ModMic 4.0 Uni-directional with Mute. Sounds like a long name, but I want to be fair to those looking for reviews on the product, as there is also the Omni-directional option, as well as non-mute option. The mute is $7 option on either mic type, while the ModMic itself is $42.95; so the one we've got here is listed at $49.95 on the ModMic store.

For those of you not familiar with the ModMic, and too lazy to check out the old review above, it is the solution to all gaming headset woes. Even the last headset I reviewed, the Kingston Cloud Revolver, I was left wanting more for my ears. The AntLion ModMic solves that by putting your choice of favorite headphones into the position of also being your best gaming headset. How? By giving you an awesome mic to literally stick right on.

The AntLion ModMic started out as a personal solution, with the founder fed up with what was out there, much like myself. The first gen was born in a room with a couple guys soldering up mics and selling them to whomever would by them. Today they are on version 4.0 and have moved on to some better manufacturing methods to keep up with demand. So let's check out the AntLion ModMic 4.0 Uni-directional with Mute.


AntLion ModMic 4.0 Closer Look:

Arriving in the box from AntLion, I received a nice spectrum of what the company now has available, being a much larger company than when I was first introduced to it. I got the MocMic Uni-directional with Mute, the accessories combo pack, the USB stereo audio adapter, headset Y-adapter, and even an AntLion Mousepad. Although all these neat things are included – and I'll show them off to you ahead – let's maintain a focus on the ModMic itself.

The ModMic and accessory kit showed up in a brown square box, not quite the same as the tube the original arrived in. It's very nice simplistic packaging, which I think we can all appreciate. The box is plain with an AntLion Audio logo and company tag line "Keep your headphones, add a ModMic". The accessory pack bares the same AntLion logo and a brief listing of contents: "3 x Base Clasps, 15 x Cable Clips". Do follow the box's instructions and be sure not to eat the magnets…



Along the cable is a switch for muting the mic (at least on the versions with the mute option). It's a pretty simple plastic switch with a pretty clear picture of muted or not. It is a pretty cheap little switch so it doesn't feel all that great, but does its job sufficiently. I did feel the need to look down and make sure I was actually muting, though I think I do that with all in-line mutes. The end of the cable is a standard 3.5mm mic plug that you've seen hundreds of times. Plug it in the pink port (most comonly).



Now let's get a little close-up with the mic iteslef. The end nearest the cable has a nice little mounting point with a bend to point the cable downwards. The little nub has the AntLion logo and "MODMIC" clearly printed on it. The end of the ModMic has a nice little foam boom, which helps reduce "wind" noise caused by your mouth. We all know the mouth breathers and big eaters who play games – it's nice to have some of that ignored. If I recall correctly, it was a big complaint of the first ModMic to NOT have this foam boom piece, for that exact reason. Though this picture makes it look ginormous, it's about the size of a typical foam on any other headset you'll pick up; check out a few pictures ahead for size comparison.



These next two shots, I cheat a little. Turns out I still have the connection point from the first ModMic, and since the company uses the same magnetic mount point in the new version, it makes an upgrade quite simple. If it's your first time applying, there is a nice alchol pad included to clean up your favortie grubby headphones to help the adhesive stick better. Although you get a couple of these to master application, it's actually pretty easy if you stick it to the ModMic and then place it where you expect the mic to sit. Done deal, sweet and simple. It sticks for darn near ever (unless you try to get it off). This one has been on here nearly four years now! It is also hardly noticable on the side of you headphones, so even if you're on the plane listening to your favorite tunes, no one is going to question your shiny magnet spot.



Looking at the mic next to the nub, you can see how it wants to line up between the four different peaks. With that said, going back to placement, you really do want to stick it with the mic pre-attached. Four points to pivit means it's a 45 degree difference one turn to the next. Although the mic bends like a pipe cleaner, you won't have the most optimal location if your mic is pointing down to start with. The magnetic interface pulls it in place and holds it there pretty well. It takes a good catch of the mic cable to really pop it off. I will admit, it's pretty easy to put back without looking thanks to the magnetic feature. The cable clips actually make this even easier to keep in place than the first generation ModMic.

Zooming out a bit and looking at the mic attached to the headphones makes it almost looks like just a regular headset. It really doesn't look strange past the extra cable hanging down. Though the mic looks really long in these shots, it really comes right behind your mouth and out to the side. It's damn near impossible to breathe into unless you reallly try.



Along with the ModMic came an extra accessory kit of three Base Clasps and fifteen Cable Clips. I think with the first gen ModMic, I heavily expressed only a "ghetto" way to keep cables neat by using zip ties (a seemingly permanent fix) to keep from having a tangled mess. AntLion has tossed back a rebuttal withthe pack of Cable Clips. These S-shaped clips hold the ModMic cable on one side and your favorite headphones on the other. There is a slightly larger side to these if you pay attention. They do happen to fit over braided cables and slightly larger cables that have thicker shielding. You should be able to get them around most cables (I think AntLion thought this one through). They really seem to do the job of keeping cables from being too much of a mess, while still not having to be permanent. I do see some great potential for setting up a permanent fixture if I wanted one though.



Mod Mic Flashback:

Let us take a quick flashback and compare to the original ModMic I looked at over four years ago…

It's quite the change in packaging and a bit of upgrades all around. I'm still quite impressed with the option of adding a mic to a good set of headphones rather than trying to find that "perfect" headset that sounds good, but also has a mic.


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