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ANTEC SX-635 Computer Case Review

Price: $99


I've been looking at getting a new case for sometime now. After looking at different brands I finally decided on the Antec SX-635. I have owned an Antec SX-830 for awhile and I love it! For my new computer though, I was looking for something a little smaller. Though the SX-635 is smaller then its bigger brother, its still no feather-weight. An empty SX-635 weights in at 23 pounds and that number only goes up once you start adding components. Still, all that weight is worth it! The steel construction of the case is outstanding! There is not a sharp edge in sight as every edge is rolled or rounded. Lets look a bit closer at this case.

  • 8 Drive Bays (3 ext 5.25", 2 ext 3.5" and 3 int 3.5")
  • 1 Built-in Case Fan
  • 2 Snap-in holders of extra Fans
  • Large Front Panel Vent
  • Quick Release HD Bay
  • Lockable Swing-out Side Panel with Handle
  • Fits Standard ATX Motherboards (12"x9.6")
  • 350 Watt ATX12V SmartPower with 2 Fans
  • Pentium 4 compliant

  • What's in the box
  • 1 Mini Tower Case
  • 1 350W ATX Power Supply
  • 1 Power Cord
  • 1 Case Fan
  • 1 Set of screws and Motherboard Stand-offs
  • 6 Drive Rails
  • 1 Instruction Manual

  • Installation
    After removing the case from its box, lay the case on its side with the handle up. Slide the handle and lift to pull the side off the case. Once open you will notice the amount of space inside this case. The SX-635 does not include a removable motherboard tray. Yet, it has plenty of room to work around inside. If you look toward the top of the case you will see a cross bar running from front to back. This might pose a problem for some when replacing your CPU heatsink. It just depends on the location and orientation of your CPU socket on the motherboard. With my current motherboard I have to hold my screw driver at a slight angle to install my heatsink. It works fine, it just had me worried the first time I tried it.

    Just above that cross bar is the power supply. It is an Antec 350 Watt SmartPower ATX12V, 2.03 compliant model #PP352X. Which includes a 90mm internal fan and an 80mm external fan. There is a wire for the 90mm fan that plugs in to a fan connector on your motherboard. It also has 12 Volt connectors for P4 motherboards and is P4 compliant. This power supply runs very cool and very quite. Under the power supply you see a purple plastic thing. This is a removable fan mount. It allows you to install and un-install 80mm fans, no screws required. One 80mm fan is included with this case.

    Look toward the front and top of the case. You will find the cage for the 5.25" drives. Up to three 5.25" devices can be installed in the SX-635. To install the 5.25" devices, you need to make use of two drive rails. Which are included in two nice little holders installed on the bottom of the case. Screw one to either side of the 5.25" drive and slide the drive into place. Below the 5.25" drive cage is the hard drive cage.

    The hard drive cage is removable by a lever on its top. It has room for three 3.5" hard drives and an 80 mm fan. This removable cage makes it really easy to work on you drives or swap fans. Again, no screws are required for mounting the fan. Just under the hard drive cage is another mount for an 80mm fan. Then on the bottom of the case there is the holders for the drive rails.

    Looking at the back of the case there is the power supply, I/O panel, 7 expansion slots and the vent for an 80mm fan.

    In order to install floppy drives and 5.25" drives you will have to remove the top of the front panel. It can be removed by pressing a button on either side of the panel. Once the front panel is off you will see two thumb screws on either side of the 3.5" bay. Loosen these thumb screws and slide the 3.5" bay out. Install your 3.5" drives into the bay and slide the whole thing back into place.

    Slide in your 5.25" drives and put the front cover back on. The next pic is of the front panel with my blue 4" cold cathode behind it. Also, changing the power and hard drive LEDs in Antec cases is easier then you might think. Start by removing the front panel and remove the LED holders from it. Pull the old LED out of its socket and replace it with a new 3.3V min. LED with a color of your choice. I went with blue for my power and white for my hard drive.

    Well all in all I really like this case. It is well constructed and very sturdy. Everything is easy to get to and there is plenty of room for upgrades. You can't beat the looks of the case either! I would definitely have to recommend this one!

    • Anything and Everything!

    • Cross bar near top of case

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