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Antec Hard Drive Cooling System Review

Price: $29.95 USD


This time we will be Taking a look at the Hard Drive Cooling System with Temperature Monitors from Antec. With hard drives creating more and more heat, especially those fast SCSI drives. It only makes sense to add some sort of active cooling. That is where this product comes in, lets have a closer look.

Closer Look

  • Aluminum heatsink for maximum heat dispersion
  • Two built-in temperature sensors to monitor hard drive and case temperatures
  • Two 40mm thermally controlled variable speed fans with washable filter
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit LED temperature display
  • Built-in EMI shielding to meet stringent industrial standards
  • Supports IDE or SCSI high speed hard drives


    Size- 7.25" x 5.86" x 1.65"
    Weight- 600g / 1.32lbs.
    Material- Aluminum alloy(6061) heatsink, ABS 94V0 fireproof front panel
    Fans- Two 40 x 40 x 25mm
    Fan Speed- 3500RPM at 30C(86F), 5000RPM at 45C(113F)
    Display- 0C(32F) ~ 70C(158F) +/-3%, 70C(158F) ~ 90C(194F) +/-6%, LED blinks if temperature is > 45C(113F), Sensor indicators switch every 5 seconds to indicate 2 different temperatures monitored by each sensor


    The hard drive cooler out of its box. This Antec product includes instructions, a bag of screws, two pieces of thermal tape and the hard drive cooling unit itself.

    Here you can see the aluminum heatsink and the front of the unit. The heatsink looks very nice, to bad it will be hidden in a 5.25" bay. On the front panel there is a piece of smoked window that covers the LED temperature display. To the left of the window there are intake vents for the fans.

    The front panel has a spring loaded latch on the right side. Just push in to spring the door open. Then push the door closed to latch.

    You are able to remove the front panel. This needs to be done to get to the fans filter for cleaning. To remove the front panel, open the door a small crack and slide the door to the right and it comes right off.

    Here you see the two 40mm fans with the washable filter removed.

    1. Introduction & Installation
    2. Installation (Continued)
    3. Installation (Cont.), Testing & Conclusion
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