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Antec Hard Disk Drive Cooler Review

GF City Computers
Price: $6 USD


Cooling is a very important subject, and for some users (especially overclockers), getting the most cooling is a top priority for them. This may even include devices that regular users don't normally consider, such as your hard drive. Why would you cool your hard drive then? Apart from keeping the overall system temperature from becoming too hot, a cooler device also runs for alot longer. Even a few degrees difference will help to maintain the device's integrity over a period of time. With 7200RPM hard drives now running in excess of 40-50°C it gets pretty toasty in there. We're about to see how well the Antec Hard Disk Drive Cooler handles the daunting task of keeping it cool.


  • 3 fans for a total of 15CFM
  • Rotation Speed: 5500RPM
  • Acoustic Noise: 35dBA
  • Voltage/Current: 12V/0.20A
  • Just a very simple package, unlike some of the other products from Antec.

    The package includes 2 drive rails, a bag of screws, and the fan unit itself, connected to the 4-pin plug. This plug contains a splitter, so you don't have to worry about using up a plug to include this device in your system.


    The installation process is very simple. The hard drive gets attached to the drive rails, and is inserted into a free 5.25" drive bay. It is pushed in far enough, so that when you place the fan module in, it should be flush with the rest of the system. The photos should help explain this.

    Hey, it looks pretty cool! Imagine having a stack of them, making it look like an oversized fan shield!

    1. Introduction & Installation
    2. Testing & Conclusion
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