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Antec Sonata Proto Review

Price: $69.99


A brand that many computer enthusiasts have come to know and love is Antec. Antec has had their foot in the door since 1986 and has kept up with their reputation as a worldwide leader in computer products. Mainly known for their computer cases early on, Antec has become very prolific in the computer accessory and upgrade market, including high quality power supplies, hard drive enclosures, HTPC products, and their original notebook coolers. In this review, I will be evaluating one of their newest cases, the Antec Sonata Proto. The Sonata series' main goal is to offer consumers a quiet PC without sacrificing cooling performance and maintain a sleek but subtle look for the folks who don't necessarily need all of the lighting and windows. It has been years since I've had my hands on an Antec case, and I'm looking forward to putting this one under the spotlight to see how it performs against the other cases that I've had the pleasure of testing.

Closer Look:

The Sonata Proto is packaged in a glossy, white cardboard box with high quality graphics wrapped around it. The words on the front of the package aside from the brand and model, state "Legendary Silence." It is obvious what Antec's goal with this case is - to be quiet. The right side of the case has text in a few different languages, explaining a few of the features and the reasoning behind the creation of the Sonata series in a slightly dramatic way. An excerpt: "Ages ago, computers were beige, boring and loud - the people cried for relief. Antec heard their cries over the computer noise and gave the world Sonata..." I enjoyed reading this as I appreciate humor in professionalism and enjoy getting to see it once in a while. The rear of the case has the specifications tabulated out in the same languages as the text on the right side as well as a picture of the inside of the case. Finally, the left side of the case has a few features listed, which will all be covered in the latter part of the review. 













The case is protected on the inside like most other cases you buy, wrapped in a plastic bag between two blocks of Styrofoam. The case arrived unharmed, which is always a good feeling.



The case is supplied with the usual instruction manual, as well as mounting screws, a case badge, and a pair of keys for the locking side panel and front door. These locking mechanisms are good for LAN party goers if the user wants to be able to protect their hardware from being stolen or tampered with.



With the case out of the box and unpacked, the following part of the review will be an evaluation of the exterior of the case.

  1. Introduction and Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (Working Components)
  4. Specifications and Features
  5. Testing and Setup
  6. Conclusion
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