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Antec Sonata Elite Review

Price: $120


As the new year rolls around so does a new line of products from every company bidding for their place in the new year's market. Antec has long been a trusted company to provide reliable parts to all its customers, whether it be cases, power supplies, or some other peripheral. With Antec's new Sonata Elite, the company refreshes its line of quiet, reliable workstation cases, promising elegant silence. The companies flyers show a picture of the interior with an interesting feature installed; a 120mm blower-style fan. It mounts right next to where your video cards are installed, acting as a vent while not actually opening up the side, keeping the look very streamlined and professional. I am very interested to see how this mid-tower case stacks up to the likes of other more enthusiast-oriented cases, especially sound wise. Imagine, this could be the answer to having a silent gaming rig! Antec's slogan has me hopeful; Believe it.












Closer Look:

Antec pays special attention to the Sonata Elite's packaging, putting the whole display box within an additional brown shipping box, keeping the display box in pristine condition. You can see right from the get go that Antec has put a lot of thought into how it wants this case to be presented and seen. Spending more for the sake of the customer's satisfaction seems to be a dieing value in most companies today, so it is pleasing to see Antec still putting the customer's experience first. When you open up the flaps of the brown shipping box, you can see the display case peering up at you.




Once you slide it out of the shipping box, you see a white and blue themed box with a yellow strip along one side that flows together nicely, showing a large picture of the case as if it was floating on water. Looking at the front of the box, the front top right corner contains a Quiet Computing symbol, while on the top left is the Antec logo. Then along the bottom you see the Sonata logo and "Elegantly Silent". On the back side, Antec lists the various specs in three different languages. On the top you again see the Quiet Computing logo with the Antec logo, and in the bottom right corner Antec displays the case's RoHS Compliance Icon with other various icons alongside the barcode. In the bottom left corner Antec boasts its three-year parts and labor warranty and gives due credit to the designers and producers of the box.





The most surprising item I saw listed however was a direct 1-800 number for their tech support team. I know many manufacturers who make this information nearly impossible to find even on their websites, commonly referring you to an "autopiloted" e-mail support ticket service (PunkBuster support users, you know what I mean). Here, Antec puts its number right on the box, telling me that Antec is willing to jump through many hoops to make sure that its customers are getting the very best of what is out there and is set on maintaining its very loyal and satisfied user base.




Seeing all this has me very excited and we haven't even opened the box yet, so let's see what this case is all about!

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  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer look (Working Components)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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