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Antec Skeleton Review

Price: $159 - $179


In 1986, Antec arrived on to the scene and has provided consumers with a steady diet of cases, power supplies, and accessories. With products directly aimed at gamers and enthusiasts, Antec has built a reputation for quality, value, and innovation. The company based in Fremont, California is currently one of the leading manufacturers of computer cases and recently followed up the very popular 900 gaming case with the bigger and better 1200 enclosure. Antec is also firmly planted in the power supply market with units based on Seasonic models. They have several variations within their PSU line up, ranging from 350 to 1000 watts of steady power.

Never one to stay idle for long, Antec recently gave notice of a revolutionary enclosure that would change the game. "Think beyond the box" is the phrase accompanying their newest product, the Skeleton. Leading up to its release, the Skeleton caused a stir within the enthusiast circle for its original design, contemporary layout, and monstrous 250mm multi-LED fan. The wait is now over as this open air case has been unleashed into the market and changing the way enthusiasts think about computer cases. If you like cutting edge products, you will love this review. Read on as I find out if this case can live up to the hype and show you what the Skeleton has to offer.

Closer Look:

The Antec Skeleton comes in a sleek and solid cardboard package. I have no doubt that this box is strong enough to protect the case during transit. The packaging shows a few images of the skeletons from different angles and give you a hint of what's inside. Along with a few shots of the case, there is a picture of the multi-LED fan, showing off its size and colors.















The bundle includes a 92mm fan, four mounting plates, zip ties, screws and a few loose pages about the case and warranty. The 92mm fan is designed to provide airflow to the hard drive bays and is installed on the front of the case. I am a bit puzzled on why the fan comes with only a female molex connector. The molex connectors found on most power supply cables are also female so in order to use this fan, you need an adapter which is not included in the bundle. Also, if you're looking for a manual, you won't find it. The product overview page refers you to check out the manual online at www.antec.com/manuals. I actually like the idea of eliminating a hard copy user's guide as this cuts down on costs for both the manufacturer and the user while reducing the use of paper. The minor inconvenience of checking it out online is worth it. Also worth noting is the absence of an included power supply.



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