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Antec Truepower Quattro TPQ-1000 Review



The Antec Truepower Quattro 1000 watt power supply has earned its stripes, literally. With the racing inspired looks, the ability to start up and run a power hungry system with nary a hiccup speaks volumes about the power supply. If a power supply is struggling with a load, many times you can hear the fans or the water pump changing pitch during operation. I heard none of that with this power supply. In fact I never heard it at all. The ADDA fan used in the Quattro is 80 mm in size and rated at 40dba , 3400RPM and roughly 44CFM. The testing showed the airflow output under load right at 39 to 40CFM, meaning the fan was close to full song at this load level. Not once did I hear the fan spool up and become noisy. All of the 1000+ watt power supplies I have tested have had 120mm or larger fans to move air through the power supply.  This one is different and uses only one low flow 80mm fan. This actually concerned me until I felt the discharged air temperature. Measuring the discharge temperature I came up with an air temperature of 30.5 Celsius under load, Not Bad! As a power supply built with the 80+ standard in mind, the Quattro handles the reduction of the incoming main voltage very well. Heat buildup is a sign of inefficiency, as the excess power has to be dissipated as heat energy, instead of being used to power the computer. It makes sense that the lower the discharge temperature the more efficient the power supply is.

A power supply with modular connections is all the rage right now. Having the ability to pick and choose what cables to use and not have to hide the extras somewhere in the case makes wire management a breeze. Unfortunately, the Quattro is not a fully modular design as I had hoped. The auxiliary 4-pin 12 volt connection, and the two 8-pin PCI-e connections are left to swing in the breeze, or have a hiding place found for them, since they are hard wired into the chassis. This is, by no means a deal breaker, just one of the little things to think about. Speaking of certifications, the Quattro 1000 watt enjoys Nvidia's SLI (Scalable Link Interface) certification, making it an ideal choice for that dual GPU gaming system. If the need is there for a high wattage power supply that is quiet, does not heat up the room, is up to 85% efficient, and just looks striking, then the Antec Truepower Quattro 1000 watt power supply should be on your shopping list come build time.



  • Warranty
  • SLI Certification
  • Efficiency 80+ certification
  • Low noise
  • Enough modular connectors
  • Racing inspired looks
  • Low discharge temperatures 
  • Active PFC, OVP,UVP and shortcircuit protection



  • Not fully modular


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