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Antec Nine Hundred Two Review


Closer Look:

The case was completely black, inside and out, just as pictured on the box. The case came preloaded with 3 120X25mm fans, and one massive 200X30mm fan at the top. From the looks of it, this thing can move some planet size amounts of air, making it better at cooling your solar system size hardware. As with most cases, the Nine Hundred Two has two side doors, one windowed and one you probably won't open. The windowed side door has a slot for another fan, but sadly Antec did not supply one. I did need to use some force while opening the side door for the first time. It seemed to be painted shut or at least factory tight.




















Aside from looking cool, the front of the case doesn't have a whole lot to offer you. You have your typical 2 USB slots, an eSATA port, and your audio ports. The audio ports are not color coded with the usual green and pink. This could be problematic for users who are new to computers, who do not know that the MIC is to the left or the other on the right. The first three grills are removable, allowing you to access your drive bays. This gives you the ability to use three optical drives or two optical drives and a floppy drive, or whatever else you can come up with to stick in a 5.25 drive bay. The remaining six grills cover the 2 front fans. If you decide DVD/Blu-Ray burners are more important than airflow, you can pull out the fans. This will give you three more drive bays per fan, giving you a grand total of nine drive bays.




The back of the case is a little different than what you'll usually see. It is becoming more and more popular for the PSU to be located on the bottom of a case. Antec seemed to follow this trend. Located in the PSU's old home is an exhaust fan and the ports for your motherboard. Directly under this is room for eight expansion slots. This will give you enough room to have multiple GPU's as well as a few other things crammed into this baby. A thing that I thought was pretty neat, were the two holes located on the back. They are slightly bigger than usual and made of rubber that easily bends. This will make it much easier for people planing to mount a water cooling setup in this case. Located above the rear exhaust fan is the controller for both the "Big Boy", and the rear fan. With this you can turn on the "Big Boy's" blue LED's, increase the "Big Boy's" fan speed, and increase the fan speed of the rear exhaust fan.



The top of the case holds the "Big Boy." It is a 200X30mm fan that looks like it could change any computer from a glorified space heater, into your own personal mini-fridge - just don't keep beer in it! The bottom of the case was well, your typical case bottom.

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