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Antec Lanboy Air Review

Price: $199.99


Antec has always been one of those manufacturers that just about everyone with even only a little experience in the world of computers has heard of. For almost 25 years, Antec has been developing and producing top quality cases, power supplies and other PC accessories and their quality has not decreased over the years. I have been an Antec fan since the early days of my own computer enthusiasm, and have been a regular user of their products. Antec has always had a large fan base for their computer cases as they always have great airflow, good looks, innovative features, and overall intelligent design.

The looks of someone's rig can be very important. To those who it isn't, typically you'll find their high end gaming rig in a $40 cheapo case, or better yet, strewn across their desk in no case at all. As we know, there is quite a market for the folks who care heavily for looks. Some of these products are low-end, flashy mid tower cases that have, for example "neat dragon design in the window and comes with two free 80mm red LED fans". On the opposite end, some people are okay with spending hundreds of dollars on the case of their choice that does everything that they could ever want, and has superb looks.

Antec has something for those who want just about everything, but not to spend hundreds of dollars. This offering is the Antec Lanboy Air. It is a fully customizable, nearly 100% modular mid tower case that can be configured in hundreds of different ways. I will go into a mass of detail about these customizations on the upcoming pages, so stay tuned. The Antec Lanboy Air is an open frame, mesh construction, mid tower computer case that is quite portable and looks damn good, just like the legend that the name of the Antec Lanboy implies. I am ecstatic to have my hands on this case. I remember seeing the unveil video from the CES2010 coverage, and have had my fingers crossed the entire year hoping to get my hands on it one day. Alas, that day has come, and it is time to start checking it out.


Closer Look:

The front of the box for the Lanboy Air has a fully exploded view of the case, showing the sheer modularity that this product offers. Literally every component can be stripped from the frame and be rearranged into different positions, potentially offering more convenience to the user over another position. I did not fully realize this by reading about it before launch, and I must say this picture is impressive. The right side of the case shows a picture of the Lanboy Air fully assembled, which may be one of the few pictures like it throughout this review! By now, I believe I have figured out I have the blue model as pictured all over the box. The rear of the box has nine icons showing certain features of the case with brief explanations in several different languages that describe each of these features. Each picture is bordered in either red, yellow, or blue, which are the three colors in which the Antec Lanboy Air is available. The left side of the case has a similar picture to that as the one on the right side of the case, but it has many red and blue arrows entering and exiting the case. Though they seem to be arranged randomly, the concept is there. There are many ways to configure the fans and cooling arrangements with the Lanboy Air, as nothing stands between the user and their preference but a few screws and a few minutes.




Like 99.999% of every other case out there, it is protected inside the exterior box by being the meat of the sandwich between two soft Styrofoam blocks and wrapped in plastic. This prevents it from being damaged from impacts, and the plastic wrap helps it stay scratch-free and clean during handling and packaging. On top of the case inside the box is the user's manual and a card with the link to Antec's survey page. I typically picture the case with all of the included accessories and hardware, but each require a little more explanation than usual so I will explore those later.



With the Lanboy Air out of the box, my anticipation for what this case has to offer is growing the more I look at it, so let's move on.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (Working Components)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing & Setup
  6. Conclusion
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