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Antec Kuhler H2O 620 Review



Antec's partnership with Asetek has proved to be a fruitful one. At least as far as the cooling system I have tested here today goes. The Kuhler H20 620 proved to be a viable candidate for cooling down an Intel Core i7 socket 1366 based system, stock or overclocked! This thing would not stop performing even when pushing the CPU up to the 4.0GHz level with 1.375v. At 4.0GHz on the CPU, the average core temperatures were right at 71 degrees Celsius. That's all with a single fan in the "as instructed" puller fan configuration. Impressive...to say the least. When compared to other like systems including the Corsair H-50 and H-70, the CooliT ECO and Vantage, the Antec Kuhler H20 620 performed better than every one save the H-70 where the Kuhler H20 620 was a degree higher both in the stock and overclocked load testing. Again, it looks like Asetek and Antec have done their homework for this second generation liquid cooling solution. If that's not enough, Antec claims that the Kuhler 620 delivers load temperatures up to 20% better than the stock Intel cooling solution. A claim that is backed up in the testing both at stock and overclocked settings. I went into this review looking for performance similar to the other LCS products I have tested and was impressed with the performance first and foremost and second with the use of longer and more flexible rubber tubing in place of the rigid corrugated tubing used on other products. This added flexibility makes the installation process much easier without the fear of kinking or breaking a line. A big plus with the market this cooler is targeted at (no throwing stones, I'm in the same group). The only beef I have with the Kuhler H20 620 is that the use of dissimilar metals are used in the loop. Even though the glycol and demineralized mix has anti-corrosion and antibacterial agents in the mix, it's still a cause for concern for me. But you do get a good warranty. Priced at $69, the Kuhler H20 620 comes in at a price point that is below most of the liquid cooling solutions offered by competitors in this market segment. This makes it all the more attractive as an option to cool down a high-end overclocked rig. Sure you can get an air cooled heat sink, slap some 38mm Ultra Kaze fans on it and have a great cooling solution but then you have added cost and one thing the Antec Kuhler H20 620 does not have. A ton of noise to go along with its operation. Antec has indeed delivered a product that delivers on the promise of excellent cooling at a great price point. Add in the longer warranty at three years and this cooling solution should suffice until the next upgrade cycle.



  • Great Cooling
  • Low Noise
  • Easy Installation
  • Flexible Tubing
  • Three year Warranty
  • Pricing



  • Dissimilar Metals
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