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Antec Kuhler H2O 620 Review

Price: $69.95


Getting rid of the heat generated by your CPU is one of the things we as enthusiasts constantly struggle with while we attempt to keep the CPU alive when looking for those last few MHz. Air cooling has come a long way in the past few years with solutions that vary from mild to wild. Liquid cooling, or "Water" cooling as it is known, has gathered an immense following over the past few years as parts and "kits" become available to allow the novice entry into the world of liquid cooling. First off, most people wonder out loud and question your sanity when told that you have a "water" cooling system in a computer that was just purchased for a few grand - knowing that water and electricity don't mix!. Water and electricity definitely do not play nicely together when the inevitable happens but the benefits offer a tremendous upside. That being said, there has been a proliferation of self-contained liquid cooling systems introduced over the past two years that have steadily improved in cooling performance so that they rival even some of the best air coolers out on the market. Products from CooliT and Corsair have opened the market on these efficient (and when compared to a full bore liquid cooling system) inexpensive options. Asetek, a trusted OEM supplier had partnered with Corsair on the H50 and H70 systems, the performance of which have been well documented. Asetek and Antec have teamed up to provide this addition to their Kuhler series of cooling products to bring out an easy to install self-contained system for the masses including gamers and overclockers. Just looking at the packaging and performance charts, the Kuhler H20 620 shows promise. Let's see if Antec and Asetek have teamed up for a winning combination.

Closer Look:

The full color packaging shows the Kuhler H20 620 on the front with a the socket compatibility listed along the bottom of the package. The rear shows the key components of the Kuhler H20 620 with a description of each item including the radiator/fan combo along with the tubing and pump/cooling plate combo. One side has a graph showing relative performance against both a stock Intel cooling solution and first generation LCs. The other side has the specifications for the system. The packaging has a look that will stand out on retail shelves.









The Kuhler H20 620 is housed in a form-fitted cardboard tray which guards each of the parts of the assembly in separate compartments. This method seems to work as more and more companies are using this method to house components for shipping, along with being more environmentally friendly.



The accessory package contains all that is needed to install the Kuhler 620 onto any of the supported CPU sockets. Included are a detailed instruction manual a single 120mm fan and the mounting hardware. The mounting hardware is pure Asetek OEM and comes with both an Intel and AMD backplate and socket specific spacers. Blue for Intel and Green for AMD. The main difference besides the color is the amount of holes in the spacer.



So far the Antec Kuler H20 620 looks like a hybrid design of two Asetek designs. The key is which one will it perform like?

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  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing:Setup and Results
  5. Conclusion
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