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Antec Three Hundred Two Case Review



In the end, it is nice to see companies pursuing the affordable market rather than just the enthusiast group. It's nice to see there are cost-effective options available for those new to the PC building community or those who just want a nice build for a family member that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. After Waco did the GameTiger roundup with three levels of cost, it's a bit easier to see what a few bucks here and there can do for a case. I'll be bold and say I believe Antec is going to produce a better case than GameTiger any day now, but that doesn't say much if you are in the US and can't purchase a GameTiger case. Antec cases in general have a high standard of basic quality similar to that of Cooler Master. In general, I think of both as companies from whom I can buy just about anything without needing to check with an owner of the case beforehand for quality. With that said, this case continues to uphold that standard for Antec. The overall build is well done even considering the price. I'm a bit disappointed about the lack of paint on the inside, but with no windows on the case it isn't much of a loss.

The Antec Three Hundred Two is a case for many different uses. The build quality is decent and should hold up well with whatever you may throw at it. It's a great case for getting into building, for a home theater, a grandpa build, or even just as a for-fun rig. The cost lets you do what you want with it; if you don't like something about it swapping it for a different case won't be like changing out a Lian Li case, where the cost makes you cringe to even have a slight scratch on it. For this case, it comes down to whether you like its features and functionality or not. What I can tell you is that it produces an acceptable build, has average cooling, and can hold a decent set of hardware with good cable management. Now you have to decide if the looks are what you are looking for or not.



  • Cost!
  • Lots of space behind the motherboard tray for cable management



  • Pre-mounted fans need a little help with wiring
  • The lack of internal paint makes it look cheaper than it feels


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