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Antec Three Hundred Two Case Review

Price: $69.99


Antec has provided us, gamers and enthusiasts alike, with quite a variety of chassis options over the years: the strangely open LanBoy Air, the desktop Skeleton, and quite a few members of the ongoing Gaming Series. OCC has reviewed a few of such cases, with the Eleven Hundred being the most recent. Today we'll be looking at, do some math here…798 less than that – the Antec Three Hundred Two chassis. Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, the lower number comes with a lower price as Antec plays the market for affordability. This mid-tower case has been built for gaming from the inside out with an aggressive front bezel to advance its cooling. Tool-less bays, cable management, and USB 3.0 front ports all combine to join the Gaming Series legacy – or so Antec claims.

Sometimes the budget for a build isn't quite that high, and when it comes to cutting costs I sure don't want it to be in my hardware. Yes, a case needs to be able to safely enclose my hardware, but if I can spend $50 more towards my GPU, you bet I'll buy a cheaper case. Antec brings the Three Hundred Two to the market with this thought in mind. Why skimp on the meaningful innards of a build and have a terrible case? It looks like Antec wants you to spend that extra dollar on your hardware as well. However, they don't want you to walk away with a cardboard box for a case either. I think this chassis will be quite the bargain; that is if it can stand up to my scrutinizing.

Closer Look:

I will start with the standard box shots: front, back, side, and the other side. As with most Antec boxes, they don't cut costs by using a simple brown box; instead we get a black and grey gradient that covers the background of the box with a fading image of the front of the case. A yellow stripe adds accent to the box while a yellow Antec logo pops at the top left of the box. Although a graphics communication major may tell you otherwise, it's just a box. You'll never find me a fan of the fancy box a case comes shipped in because I still see it as money that could have gone towards the product. Apart from my babbling, you can get a pretty good idea of what is inside because the back of the box shows off nine of the case's main features. The two sides will go on to show off some more secrets of the case as well as a neat little packing list to show you where I live…











Opening it up takes all but the simple slide of a knife along the taped groove. It is no more complicated to open than most boxes that are shipped to you, though I admit I do have difficulty with many. Inside you'll first find white foam (the nice open cell-type foam that doesn't allow your cats to make a mess too easily). The case is sandwiched between the two foam pieces, wrapped in a plastic bag for freshness, and shipped face up protecting the most important part of any case.


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