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Antec 1100 Chassis Review



Ultimately, the Antec Eleven Hundred really surprised me, making a perfect fit between a mid-tower and full-tower chassis. If you aren’t ready for that full chassis or just doesn’t have the room for one, this case really is for you. It looks good, performs well thermally, and is a sturdy beast. If you are looking for extra room to clean up your cable mess and ready to start showing off your goods, this is the chassis for you. If you have a pre-built loop, you might need to make a slight mod to get your radiator set up in the back, but it shouldn’t keep you away from this chassis. Beyond this little blip of thought in regards to the fan connector, Antec really hit this one on the spot. This is a great chassis overall!

The massive acrylic window provides a nice addition to this case. For those of you who like to hide your hardware, it’s too bad – unless you mount some blinding LED fans on the window, everyone is going to know what you are running. Personally, I prefer showing off my components. At a LAN party, I want people to know why I’m kicking their butt or perhaps why I’m falling behind. I also really liked that you can turn off the LEDs on the top fan. They are blue, my favorite, but when trying to watch a movie in a dark room, I tend to dislike the blue glow up the wall. Antec really thought ahead on this one.

A detailed Instruction manual can be found on Antec's website under Support and Downloads.

Overall, I think I’ll be leaving my hardware in this chassis for a while – at least until I have to take it out to review something else. For the price, the Eleven Hundred is going to be a hard one to beat.



  • Great thermal performance
  • Solid structural strength and appearance
  • Fan LED is easily controlled
  • Plenty of locations to add fans



  • Fan PCB isn’t located in a great position
  • The rear fan can’t be relocated without a cable extension
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