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Antec 80mm LED Case Fan Review

GF City Computers
Price: $30 USD


Today we will be looking at the Antec LED 80mm case fan. For those of you that don't know who Antec is, they happen to be one of the biggest case suppliers in the US. I have been following their fans for a while and I liked what I seen. It just so happens that my good friends down at Tucson got an order in and asked me if I wanted two of them for a review? Thinking my case needed some spicing up I went and picked them up. So how’s it look and perform? Read on and we shall see.

Very plain box, I thought for sure there would be a fancy design of some sort.


  • Size: 80 x 80 x 25.4 mm
  • Weight: 71.5 gm
  • Fan speed: 2,600 rpm (avg.)
  • Volumetric airflow: 34 CFM
  • Static pressure: 0.12 inch H2O
  • Acoustic noise: 30 dBA (at average rpm)
  • As you can see it came with screws and two hook ups. One for the power and one for the fan sensor if you want to hook it up to your motherboard.

    The fan looks impressive! Nice and clear I was getting tired of the plain old black ones, how about you?


    This is a very easy process to do, with my case I have clip on fans slots, so i can change my fans in 10 secs. I had two regular case fans at the back so what I did was move them to be my intake fans and I put the Antecs as my exahuast fans. Other cases you need to use screws to mount the fans which these fans come with.

    I finished hooking them up so how does it look you ask? I have one word awesome! :)

    Looks great! The lights are very bright and clear. The only thing that I would maybe want to see is a strobe effect. I can't get over how bright they are and quiet.

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