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Anonabox Pro TOR VPN Router Review


Anonabox Pro TOR VPN Router Software:

Services Section: TOR

In this section, you can view the TOR status and configuration settings. You can use this section to stop, start, or restart the TOR service, which is automatically started upon boot of the Anonabox Pro by default. In the tabs for the TOR section, you can also set your own custom bridge configuration and advanced configuration, including setting your own nodes and exit location. This is the section that interested me the most, as for true "security," well, really as secure as you can be, you want to have full control over your path and exit. There is a wealth of information on the Interwebz that will help you customize your TOR setup. One simple change is the exit country, which is done in the Advanced section. To edit this section you want to search for information on TORRC, which is the TOR config file. Setting a specific country is as easy as adding the line "ExitNodes {us}" to the Advanced config. If you want to exclude a specific country, you can use "ExcludeExitNodes {us}," which will not use an exit node in the United States. Feeling uneasy about the U.S., in general, you can use "ExcludeNodes {us}," which will exclude all U.S. nodes including exit, relay, and more. A good list of countries can be found with a quick Google search.


VPN Services:

TOR is amazing, but it does not hide you completely. Your public IP is still exposed to the TOR environment when you connect, as well as there can be other leakage, such as DNS queries, NTP requests, etc. A good way to see if you are leaking IP and DNS requests is to check your connection on https://ipleak.net/ and see if you are when connected to VPN or TOR. To help give you that extra layer of protection, the Anonabox Pro supports VPN connections in addition to TOR. Out of the box, the Anonabox supports VyprVPN and HMA (Hide My Ass) VPN vendors within the GUI. It is as simple as entering the credentials, select your exit location, and enabling the connection. There is also support for OpenVPN via the GUI, as well as other VPN vendors, such as my favorite NordVPN, by doing some CLI FU over SSH. Not all vendors are supported, but I was able to get NordVPN to work using the API files from https://nordvpn.com/api/files/zip.




Network Shared and uHHTPd:

Finally, there is the built-in network shares you can enable from the Pro, along with the uHTTPd server that runs the UI and can also serve other pages as a Web server, should you wish. This can also be for hosting your own .onion domain on this box, if you go that route.



Now that we have the Anonabox Pro configured and a good idea of the UI, we can move on to the testing to see how it performs.

  1. Anonabox Pro TOR VPN Router: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Anonabox Pro TOR VPN Router: Closer Look: Continued
  3. Anonabox Pro TOR VPN Router: Closer Look: Software
  4. Anonabox Pro TOR VPN Route Closer Look: Software Continued
  5. Anonabox Pro TOR VPN Router: Specifications & Features
  6. Anonabox Pro TOR VPN Router: Testing: Setup & Results
  7. Anonabox Pro TOR VPN Router: Conclusion
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