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Anonabox Pro TOR VPN Router Review


Anonabox Pro TOR VPN Router Closer Look:

The Anonabox Pro is very tiny measuring in at 2.52 inches long, 1.79 inches wide, and .88 inches thick. The casing is a sleek black color, allowing it to be concealed when in use. Powering the Pro is an Atheros QCA9531 MIPS SoC at 650MHz, paired with 128MB DDR2 RAM and 64MB Flash memory. For extra connectivity, there is a built-in 802.1b/g/n Wireless chip rated at up to 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz radio spectrum. The wireless chip supports AP, Range Extender, and Client access modes, along with WEP, WPA2-PSK, and Wireless MAC filtering security. To show off more how this device is a little beast, included in the software is the ability to host your own .onion site right from the unit using the embedded TOR client. In addition, the Pro can be used as a TOR exit node if desired; all configurable from the GUI. To use the Anonabox Pro, just plug it in, connect to the default settings, and away you go.



In addition to the built-in wireless on the Anonabox Pro, there are several ports for expanded use. On the left side of the unit is the micro USB power plug, which takes 5v/1A power. I was really excited about this for the power source, as in my penetration testing gear I always carry Anker external battery packs, which allowed me to power this device from inside my go bag and connect to it while roaming with my Android phone or my iPad. This also allowed me to use it connected to my Raspberry Pi "penetration" box using a micro USB splitter cable and one meter Ethernet cable to mask my "malicious tests" traffic leaving the test network and thus bypassing the firewall and IPS as it saw my traffic as only VPN traffic. Next to the micro USB port is the WAN Ethernet port, which is up to Gigabit speed should you want a hardwired WAN connection. On the flip side is another 1Gbps Ethernet port used for the LAN connection and a reset pin to hard reset the Anonabox Pro should you mess up the config and need to start fresh. Over on the bottom of the unit is a USB 2.0 port used for external devices, such as mounting a flash drive, and on the front is a configurable LED that shows boot up status and network status.




Now that we have gotten a really good look at the physical unit, let's switch gears and take a look at the UI.

  1. Anonabox Pro TOR VPN Router: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Anonabox Pro TOR VPN Router: Closer Look: Continued
  3. Anonabox Pro TOR VPN Router: Closer Look: Software
  4. Anonabox Pro TOR VPN Route Closer Look: Software Continued
  5. Anonabox Pro TOR VPN Router: Specifications & Features
  6. Anonabox Pro TOR VPN Router: Testing: Setup & Results
  7. Anonabox Pro TOR VPN Router: Conclusion
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