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Anonabox FAWKES Tor Router Review


Anonabox FAWKES TOR Router Conclusion:

Just as we saw with the bigger brother, the Anonabox Pro, this little device really offers security and privacy in an easy-to-use little package. Sure, anyone can go and download TOR, but to really use TOR effectively for security you need to be tech savvy. Anonabox takes all of the need for having to take a college course on command line and configuration out of the equation by providing the services in a little package with an easy Graphical User Interface. The compact design allows for anyone to carry the FAWKES in their computer bag or even their pocket. It is powered by a 5v USB cable that can be plugged into either a laptop power port or a portable battery pack, which allows it to be used on-the-go, even with a cellphone. While not offering VPN as with the Pro, you still have the same TOR interface and usability, allowing you to keep your traffic private in those pesky coffee shops or while working on that big news article for Edward Snowden. wink wink

As we saw with the Pro, the TOR performance is meager, but this is the design of TOR. TOR hops around the world to "wrap" your data in, hence the name The Onion Router. Because your hops and exit nodes are spread all over the world, your traffic is bouncing around all over the place and this will cause latency. TOR is not designed to stream media over or torrent your favorite files; in fact TOR recommends not using it for torrent downloading, which can be illegal anyway and we do not condone that. What TOR is good for is sending your private emails, downloading confidential documents, etc., that you do not want public eyes viewing. Take, for instance, if you want to check your bank account and send some emails at Starbucks while sipping a latte, then the Anonabox FAWKES with TOR will allow you to do so without having to worry about me in the corner with a packet sniffer and decrypting your logins.

If you are a privacy minded individual or just want to take those extra steps to ensure your data is safe and secure, I recommend taking a look at the Anonabox FAWKES and the other line of routers by the company to give you the ease and peace of mind.



  • Plug and play design
  • Ability to customize further for tech savvy users
  • Can be powered by USB power packs for true mobile use
  • Offers privacy and protection via TOR
  • WiFi Client and AP modes, as well as bridge mode if needed
  • Access the deep web, if desired



  • True customization needs to have CLI knowledge
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  1. Anonabox FAWKES TOR Router: Introduction & Closer Look
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  3. Anonabox FAWKES TOR Router: Closer Look: Software
  4. Anonabox FAWKES TOR Router Closer Look: Software Continued
  5. Anonabox FAWKES TOR Router: Specifications & Features
  6. Anonabox FAWKES TOR Router: Testing: Setup & Results
  7. Anonabox FAWKES TOR Router: Conclusion
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